Pensofal Invictum Pasta Pot - 5L

Pensofal Invictum Pasta Pot - 5L


Pensofal Invictum Pasta Pot 5 Liter with Lid

Pensofal cookware is innovative, affordable and made to last!  Made in Italy, this wonderful line of cookware with our exclusive non-stick, Bio-Stone coating, gives 9 layers of unbelievable nonstick performance on both the sides and the bottom of the pans. This allow you to cook or bake the stickiest of foods without adding any oil or spray.   It uses a stainless steel plat that is infused into the pan to prohibit any warping.  It is suitable for any cooking surface including induction.  The aroma lid uses a micro-hole in the knob that slowly drips liquid aroma into the pan for amazing flavour infusion.  Its flat design instantly turn your lid int a convenient hot pad.  The handles do not conduct heat so they stay cool.  The handles are 18/10 Stainless Steel for an ergonomic and secure grip.  Suitable for cooking in the oven.

This 5 liter pasta pot easily drains liquids from vegetables or pastas through the lock-on lid with built in strainer.


  • Reinforced Hard Mineral Coating is abrasion and scratch resistant
  • RPP-2 Technology goes 9 layers deep for ultra non-stick performance
  • Stainless Steel Double Bottom Plate for precise heat distribution
  • Innovative glass lid with stainless steel Aroma knob for better seasoning infusion 
  • Oven and dishwasher safe

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