Snacky Dehydrator by L'Equip

Snacky Dehydrator by L'Equip


Snacky Dehydrator and Yogurt Maker by L'Equip Demonstrator 

Now $49.99 (reg. $59.99)

(This dehydrator is in a box with a crushed side so it is brand new and not affected by the damage on the box so we have discounted it by $10)

If you are new to preserving your food by drying it, then this great little dehydrator is the perfect introduction to dried food without spending a lot.  It will make anything it's bigger models will make like beef jerky, fruit leathers, herbs, and even incubate Yogurt. The 5 trays stack and are easy to use and clean.  A single dial adjusts the temperature for fruits, veggies, meats, fish and even yogurt.  The no worry built-in fan circulates the air for consistent drying by pulling the air down the middle and blowing up the circumference of the trays to be pulled across your food by the air going down the middle.  This means everything dries evenly and you don't have to rotate the trays.  The trays have different heights to allow for large or small items to be dried at one time.  The clear walls and trays allows you to see your food to let you tell when the job is done without having to lift off the lid.  This dries everything from Apple Chips to Beef Jerky!!


  •  Compact
  • Easy to use
  • You can see your food drying
  • 5 adjustable trays
  • dries everything from jerky to apple chips
  • adjustable temp. control

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