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We here at Healthy Kitchens are concerned about today's food supply and how it affects our families' health.  This blog will be devoted to increasing awareness to all our readers about how to increase the nutritional content of the food that we feed our families daily.  We don't want to make it harder, so we have some great ideas on how to do this much easier with the use of some great tips and tricks.  We hope to have some great suggestions, recipes, nutritional information etc. that you all can use.  Please feel free to email us back with your comments and we will answer your questions and concerns or just add them to the posts.

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Conquer the Holiday Baking Hustle

Friday, October 26, 2018


 As the holidays approach, many home chefs often have a higher amount of cooking and baking to do. This increased load can be difficult to manage and dampen some of the holiday fun.

The original Bosch mixer was created to make home cooking easier, and our current line of Bosch mixers maintain that proud legacy. So, if you need some extra help in the kitchen, there are two Bosch attachments that can assist you in creating culinary magic.

Bosch Cookie Paddle Makes Turning Out Cookies A Breeze

From Halloween onward, there seems to be plenty of occasions that call for a batch of fresh cookies. To help you quickly work through batch after batch of cookies, you can use the Bosch cookie paddle attachment.

With this attachment on your stand mixer, you can turn out hundreds of cookies in no time flat. The broad sides of the cookie paddles help gently fold all your ingredients together and ensure no odd patches of flour are left.

To protect your cookie paddle attachment, make sure any butter the cookie recipe calls for is softened before adding it to your Bosch mixer. Chilled butter may cause the cookie paddle to snap if the paddle becomes stuck on the butter, as the drive motor on a Bosch mixer is so strong. However, all Bosch cookie paddles come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy, and we will send you a new attachment.

Watch the video below to see just how many cookies you can make at one time in your Bosch stand mixer. 

Fill Your Home With Delicious Bread With The Bosch Dough Hook

Whether you are mixing up a batch of rolls for a holiday dinner or creating a delicious dessert bread as a gift, the Bosch dough hook attachment can make your work easier.

Other stand mixer dough hooks are designed to just be a curved hook. This kind of dough hook can leave clumps of dry ingredients, and the remaining bread dough quickly wraps around the hook without properly mixing.

In contrast, the Bosch dough hook attachment has two curving hooks to grab all your ingredients and ensure they are well incorporated, in addition to a flat bowl-scraping prong that will catch everything else. Some home bakers have found that the effectiveness of the Bosch dough hook allows them to cut down on their bread proofing time.

 If you have a Bosch Universal Plus mixer and would like to conquer this holiday baking season, be sure to utilize the cookie paddle and dough hook attachments as you prepare for various events and festivities.

Also, if you are looking for tasty bread and cookie recipes to try with your Bosch mixer, you should definitely check out our recipes before you start your holiday baking.

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Kitchen Storage Ideas!

Friday, October 5, 2018


Genius Ways To Store Your Stand Mixer

One of the benefits you can enjoy when you choose a Bosch Mixer is that you have chosen a fairly compact mixer which will fit easily into most homes. But, depending on the size of your kitchen and other kitchen tools, you may need more inventive ways to store your stand mixer. To help kickstart your organization process, below are some of our favrite kitchen storage ideas.


Pegboard Storage Isn’t Just For Garage Tools

A quick and easy way to add some storage space to your kitchen is to add a pegboard to your kitchen wall. You can paint the board any color you like to help it fit in better with your kitchen decor while adding hooks to the pegboard so you can hang your various Bosch Mixer attachments along with other regular kitchen tools. Also, with the right hooks, you can add a shelf or two to your pegboard storage. Be sure not to overload these shelves.

Store Your Stand Mixer In A Blind Corner Cabinet

The corner of a kitchen is often an underutilized space but would be perfect for storing your Bosch stand mixer. There are at least 8 different types of blind corner cabinets which can be utilized to store your mixer neatly out of the way when you don’t need it. We highly recommend pull out options as they make it that much easier to reach all your stored kitchen tools.

Just Add Hooks To Maximize Kitchen Space

If you have the shelf space but you don’t want to jumble your Bosch Mixer attachments in a drawer with all the rest of your kitchen utensils, you can neatly store them in the same cabinet that holds your mixer! You can use screw-in hooks or damage-free command strips and have easy access to all your Bosch Mixer attachments.

Fit Your Kitchen With An Appliance Lift Kit

Add extra counter space along with handy storage by installing an apliance lift kit. This tough shelf can swing up and out, then lock into place. It brings your easily stored Bosch mixer up to counter height. When you’re done using it, you can swiftly tuck it back under the counter without any lifting or shifting. Also, with the space under the lift kit, you can store your various Bosch stand mixer attachments.

Feel free to combine several of these genius stand mixer storage methods so you can keep your Bosch mixer safely stored until the next time you want to mix up something delicious!

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Bosch History

Friday, September 28, 2018


The Design of the Bosch Mixer Evolves Through The Years

There have been three redesigns of the Bosch Mixer since its creation in 1952. These changes have all been aimed to make the Bosch Mixer lighter, more durable, and add power to the machine.

While there are other Bosch Mixer variants, the Bosch Universal Plus is the closest to the original Bosch Mixer design and has undergone only a few changes.


§  Original Bosch Mixer (1952) – From its presentation in Germany in 1952, the original Bosch Mixer became popular throughout Europe. The original design had far more metal components, which made the mixer fairly heavy and tended to take up a good amount of counter space.

§  First Bosch Mixer redesign (1972) – Twenty years after the original Bosch Mixer hit the market, the mixer was redesigned. One of the major changes in the 1972 Bosch Mixer is the switch from metal housing to polycarbonate housing for the motor and other parts. This allowed for heat to escape the machine more easily to keep it from overheating. Also, a transmission was added to the mixer, which allowed the users to change gears so harder mixing work can be done.

§  Second Bosch Mixer redesign (1986) – Not only did the sales distribution model change in 1986 but so did the design of the Bosch Universal Plus mixer. The overall design was streamlined, removing the blender attachment and juicer, allowing them to be added on if desired. Also, the motor was made more powerful and more speed controls were added.

§  Current Bosch Mixer design (2009) – The current Bosch Universal Plus Mixer has undergone another boost to its transmission. This allows the Bosch Mixer to handle large mixing loads, from yielding 14 loaves of bread at a time or 34 dozen cookies. It also has greater speed variability control.

Also, along the way, attachments have been designed to work in concert with the Bosch Mixer such as the cookie paddles, various shredders, a variety of meat grinders, pasta noodle makers, and much more.

Modern Bosch Mixers

Since its emergence on to the market in 1952, the Bosch Mixer has helped households for over 65 years. Currently, there are two basic styles of Bosch Mixer available for those who want to bring one of these mixers into their home.

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer is the best stand mixer, with an 800-watt bottom drive motor, a 6.5-quart mixing bowl, multiple mixing speeds, splash guard and lid cover, a dough hook and hook extender, dual wire whips and more. It is also able to accept a wide variety of additional mixing attachments.

Bosch Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

A spin-off from the main Bosch Mixer, the Bosch Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer is a simpler version of the Universal Plus stand mixer. It has a 400-watt motor, a 4-quart mixing bowl, a splash cover, beating whisk, stirring whisk, dough hook, with options to purchase more attachments.

There are different attachment packages you can choose from when buying a Bosch Mixer. Make anything from scratch including pastaice creamground meatswheat, and more.

Choosing A Bosch Stand Mixer For Your Kitchen

Many kitchen appliance manufacturers have realized the benefits stand mixers provide to common house hold chores, making them less difficult as well as more enjoyable. So, when it comes to choosing a stand mixer for your home, there is are many options for you to consider. Bosch Stand Mixers have a long history of excellence and innovation behind it. This machine has had quality research and development go into its design and construction, bringing a superior product to the market. As home and kitchen needs have changed, more attachments and package variability have become available, so you can choose to add what you need from your Bosch Mixer. The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer also regularly outperforms competitor machines, especially in its ability to mix large amounts of ingredients. See for yourself…


If these things sound like what you need from your next stand mixer, then you should not settle for anything less than a Bosch Mixer.


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Waffle Mania!

Friday, September 21, 2018

We are sharing some of our favorite waffle toppings with you! Whether you’re in the mood for something healthy, sweet, savory, or somewhere in between, there’s something on the list for everyone. Which one will you try?


§  Feta cheese and strawberries or cranberries

§  Feta cheese is a white cheese made from raw milk and it’s a staple of Greek cuisine. It compliments the sweet flavors of fresh strawberries or dried cranberries to give you a probiotic boost.

§   Greek yogurt and honey

§  Greek yogurt is a good source of protein and vitamin B and it pairs well with honey on top of your waffles.

§   Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

§  Chia seeds are a high nutrient, low-calorie food that can be added to drinks, salads, and even jams. To make your own chia seed jam, soak the seeds in water for about five minutes or until a jelly-like texture is achieved. Then over medium heat, heat strawberries or any other berries you like with honey until the berries are soft. After heating the berries, simply stir in the chia seeds to create a delicious jam perfect for your waffles!

§   Creamy cashew butter

§  Use your Bosch Compact Food Processor Attachment to blend toasted cashews and coconut oil together for a creamy alternative to peanut butter.

§  Cottage cheese and anything

§  Pre-made pineapple cottage cheese is a delicious and easy find at your local grocery store, perfect for your morning waffles. If you want a fresh twist, mix some cottage cheese with berries or fresh fruit cut in chunks.

§  An even simpler topping is cottage cheese mixed with honey.

§  If you’re in the mood for something a little more savory, try combining your curds with salt and pepper, parsley or basil, some peppers, and then squeeze lemon juice over the entire waffle.


§  Peanut butter, sliced bananas, bacon strips

§  Make Elvis proud with this take on his famous grilled peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich.

§  Caramelized peaches

§  To make caramelized peaches, stir together four sliced and pitted peaches, the juice of half a lemon, and a pinch of salt and cinnamon. Melt half a stick of butter and ¼ cup sugar in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the peach mixture and cook while stirring occasionally, until caramelized, for about 5 minutes. Serve on freshly cooked waffles.

§  We also like to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream along with the caramelized peaches to make the perfect dessert waffle.

§  Lemon curd and raspberry syrup

§  Lemon curd is a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, eggs and butter. It has a flavor and texture that resembles that of lemon meringue filling. You can buy it at the store or make it at home by whipping the ingredients into a froth in your Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. Top it all off with some delicious raspberry syrup for a tart treat!

§  Applesauce and chopped walnuts

§  Get your protein in first thing in the morning with a healthy serving of walnuts sprinkled over your applesauce-slathered waffle!


§  Basil, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese

§  Try this interesting take on caprese salad for brunch the next time you’re craving a light, refreshing waffle.

§  Avocado and black olives

§  Move over, avocado toast, we’re talking waffles now! Top your waffle with some sliced avocado and black olives before drizzling the entire thing with olive oil.

§  Eggs benedict

§  Swap out your basic English muffin for a hot, crispy waffle! Top it with a poached egg, Canadian bacon and Hollandaise sauce for the perfect breakfast.

§  Fried chicken

§  Chicken and waffles is a common Southern specialty. We couldn’t make a list of waffle toppings without including this classic comfort food. Drizzle your chicken and waffles with honey to contrast the salty flavor of the fried chicken.

§  Cornbread waffles with chili, cheese and sour cream toppings

§  Instead of the typical waffle mix, use a mixture of flour and cornmeal to make these hearty waffles. Chili cheese nachos have nothing on this delicious all-in-one meal.

§  Macaroni and cheese with bacon bits

§  If we didn’t hook you with the bacon bits, just wait until you’ve got creamy mac and cheese dripping off of your waffle slice and the kids are begging for more (you can thank us later).

Here is a tool that go hand in hand with a waffle iron.  The ice cream and cookie scoop.  This tool will provide a cleaner waffle iron and exact replicated waffle every time.  

Let us know in the comments what your go-to toppings are!

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Pantry Baking Essentials

Friday, September 14, 2018

Nothing’s worse than baking a batch of cookies, going to the pantry to grab an ingredient, and realizing you’re missing what you need for the recipe. Keeping your pantry well-stocked allows you to be prepared for any kitchen adventure and also saves you costly trips to the grocery store.

Got a midnight craving for brownies? Maybe a last-minute potluck dish or unexpected dinner guests? Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered with this foolproof list of must-have pantry ingredients.

Keep in mind that these ingredients are suggestions; tweak the list according to your dietary needs and preferences.


• Whole wheat flour
• Bread flour
• Cake flour
• Rye flour
• Active yeast

Whole Grains and Pasta

• Barley
• Beans
• Corn
• Farro
• Oats
• Quinoa
• Rice
• Rye
• Wheat
• Fettuccini
• Penne
• Spaghetti


• Granulated sugar
• Brown sugar
• Powdered sugar
• Honey
• Molasses

Baking Essentials

• Baking powder
• Baking soda
• Cornstarch
• Salt
• Evaporated milk
• Condensed milk
• Vanilla extract
• Almond extract
• Cream of tartar

Oils and Vinegars

• Vegetable oil
• Coconut oil
• Olive oil
• Non-stick cooking spray
• White vinegar
• Apple cider vinegar
• Lemon juice

Canned and jarred goods

• Beans
• Tomato sauce
• Crushed tomatoes
• Beef, chicken and vegetable broth
• Peanut butter
• Mayonnaise


• Cocoa powder
• Chocolate chips
• Food coloring
• Dried fruits and nuts

We also suggest buying some of these ingredients like whole grains and pastas in bulk. As long as you store them in airtight containers, they will keep for a long time and you’ll always have them on hand. If you ever run out of flour, you can home-mill your own flour from grains using your Nutrimill Grain Mill.

If you have a pantry staple you can’t go without, let us know in the comments!

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Back to School Nutbutter!

Friday, September 7, 2018



Did you know that the Bosch Meat Grinder attachment can be used for more than just grinding up meat? It’s also a great tool for making chunky salsa, cheese balls, and NUT BUTTER (just to name a few). We’re sharing 10 nut butter recipes from across the web that make us drool. Give them a try using your meat grinder attachment and let us know what you think! It’s as simple as adding all of the ingredients straight into your meat grinder attachment and processing them a few times until you’ve expressed the natural oils from the nuts and have reached your desired consistency.  We have two sizes of meat grinders one large and one small.  The smaller one is much cheaper and comes with the small disks that would achieve the texture and smooth nut butter desired.  If you prefer or already have the large meat grinder we advice to purchase the 2mm or 3mm disks


1. Homemade Salted Vanilla Honey Peanut Butter

Monique from Ambitious Kitchen shares a sweet peanut butter recipe that tastes more like a dessert than anything else!

§  2 cups unsalted roasted peanuts

§  2 teaspoons honey

§  1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise and seeds scraped

§  ½ teaspoon salt, plus more to taste

§  1-2 teaspoons coconut oil, plus more if necessary

2. Homemade Dark Chocolate Almond Butter with Sea Salt

Stephanie Jeong from Wake The Wolves shares this sultry homemade butter paste that makes breakfast time a whole lot better.

§  2 cups almonds (plain, raw, no salt)

§  2 tablespoons cocoa powder (unsweetened)

§  1 tablespoon honey, melted

§  1 teaspoon coconut oil, melted

§  1-2 pinches sea salt

Roast raw almonds at 350 degrees (F) for 10 minutes before combining all ingredients into the meat grinder attachment.

3. Easy Homemade Cocoa Hazelnut Butter

Forget the store-bought, sugar loaded hazelnut spread from the store and try this easy, healthier recipe from She Loves Biscotti.

§  2 cups hazelnuts

§  2 tablespoons hazelnut oil or vegetable oil

§  3-4 tablespoons honey

§  1/4 cup cocoa powder

§  1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

§  pinch salt

Roast hazelnuts (12-15 minutes @ 325 degrees (F) and remove skins before processing through meat grinder attachment.

4. Homemade Vanilla Coconut Butter

Oh, you didn’t know this was a thing? This mouth-watering toast-topper from Espresso and Cream is going to be your new favorite.

§  2 cups unsweetened coconut

§  1 teaspoon high-quality vanilla

§  2 teaspoon sugar

5. Homemade Cacao Nib Almond Butter

With bits of cacao in the chunky almond butter, Lentine Alexis had us begging for the recipe.

§  3.5 cups raw organic almonds

§  1/4 cup maple syrup, plus more if you like it sweet

§  1 cup raw cacao nibs

6. Homemade Vanilla & Honey Cashew Butter

Show Me The Yummy shares this truly buttery spread made from cashews, vanilla, and honey. It’s a nut butter you’ll want to eat straight from the jar.

§  2 cups cashews

§  2 tablespoons honey or more, to taste

§  1 tablespoon coconut oil melted and cooled slightly

§  1 teaspoon vanilla extract

§  1/2 teaspoon salt

Roast raw cashews in the oven at 300 degrees (F) for 8-12 minutes before processing ingredients through the meat grinder attachment.

7. Homemade Salted Maple Roasted Almond Butter

This sweet maple nut butter shared by Sally’s Baking Addiction is a classes recipe every home chef should try.

§  3 cups Diamond of California whole almonds (raw and unsalted)

§  1/3 cup pure maple syrup (not breakfast syrup, the real deal!)

§  1 Tablespoon + 2 teaspoons melted coconut oil

§  1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

§  sea salt, to taste

Combine raw almonds, maple syrup, and 1 Tbsp coconut oil in a mixing bowl. Coat evenly. Then bake for 15 minutes in the oven (toss after 8 minutes) at 300 degrees (F) before processing through the meat grinder attachment.

8. Homemade Spicy Haitian Peanut Butter

Give your PB&J a zing with this Haitian spiced peanut butter from Food 52.

§  1 pound shelled raw peanuts

§  1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons coconut oil

§  2 teaspoons ground cayenne

§  1 ½ teaspoons smoked paprika

§  1 teaspoon kosher salt (I use Morton’s)

§  2 tablespoons brown sugar

Roast raw peanuts at 350 degrees (F) for 20-25 minutes (do not burn). Remove all skins. Heat coconut oil in a pan, adding cayenne and paprika. Remove from heat once oil is melted. Then add all ingredients into the meat grinder attachment for processing.

9. Homemade Chai Spice Almond Butter

Even those of you who swear you hate Chai will definitely be making an exception for this chai spiced almond butter from A Clean Bake.

§  2 cups almonds (whole, raw)

§  1 cup cashews (whole, raw; see note)

§  1 1/2 Tablespoons mild oil, such as light olive oil, grapeseed oil or organic canola oil

§  3 Tablespoons granulated monk fruit sweetener (I recommend Lakanto), or granulated stevia

§  3/4 teaspoon allspice

§  3/4 teaspoon cinnamon

§  3/4 teaspoon ginger

§  1/2 teaspoon cardamom

§  1/4 teaspoon cloves

10. Homemade Classic Peanut Butter

If all the garnishment and added flavors aren’t what you’re going for, give this classic peanut butter recipe a try. Depending on your preferred texture, the Bosch Meat Grinder attachment makes anything from smooth (using the accessory disc #2) to very chunky nut butter.

Use a simple ratio of 2 cups (unsalted, roasted, and shelled) peanuts to 1 pinch of salt.


§  Ambitious Kitchen – Salted Vanilla Honey Peanut Butter

§  Wake The Wolves – Dark Chocolate Almond Butter with Sea Salt

§  She Loves Biscotti – Easy Homemade Cocoa Hazelnut Butter

§  Espresso and Cream – Homemade Vanilla Coconut Butter

§  Lentine Alexis – Cacao Nib Almond Butter

§  Show Me The Yummy – Vanilla and Honey Cashew Butter

§  Sally’s Baking Addiction – Salted Maple Roasted Almond Butter

§  Food 52 – Spicy Haitian Peanut Butter

§  A Clean Bake – Chai Spice Almond Butter 

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10 Baking Substitutes

Friday, August 31, 2018

Have you ever gotten halfway through making cookies only to find out you are missing a main ingredient? We’ve all been there at one time or another.  Fortunately, the next time you’re in a similar sticky situation, you can reference these ten substitutes for common baking ingredients.

1. Substitute black beans for all-purpose flour.

Are you craving brownies or cookies, but you’re all out of flour? Substitute equal parts of all-purpose flour for pureed black beans for a high-protein, gluten-free alternative.

2. Replace eggs for banana or applesauce.

When you find out you have fewer eggs in the carton than expected, opt for a vegan substitute of half a mashed banana or ¼ cup applesauce.

3. Use applesauce instead of oil.

Applesauce is a versatile baking ingredient, as it can also be used in place of oil. Substitute equal parts applesauce for vegetable or canola oil. If you don’t have a jar of applesauce in the pantry, you could even try a mashed avocado instead.

4. Honey can be substituted for white sugar.

If you are trying to eat a bit healthier, honey is a great substitute for sugar in equal parts.t According to the health information website Healthline, it also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which can help fight germs.

5. Make your own brown sugar.

If your recipe calls for 1 cup brown sugar, try 1 cup white sugar + 2 tablespoon molasses instead. Simply mix the white sugar and molasses together in your Bosch blender attachment.

6. Use lemon juice instead of salt.

Don’t have any salt on hand? Switch out a ½ teaspoon of salt for ½ teaspoon of lemon juice the next time you’re in a pinch.

7. Substitute apple cider vinegar for lemon juice.

No lemon juice? You can easily substitute 1 teaspoon lemon juice for ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar. No one will even know the difference!

8. Swap out sour cream for greek yogurt.

Calling all greek yogurt fans! Swap out sour cream for an equal amount of probiotic-packed greek yogurt in your favorite dressings and baked goods.

9. Make your own heavy cream.

Heavy cream is easily overlooked, but don’t let that stop you from baking to your heart’s content. Substitute 1 cup heavy cream for 3/4 cup milk + 1/3 cup butter. Just cream them together in your Bosch mixer!

10. Use flour instead of cornstarch.

Cornstarch is a common baking thickener, but it may not always be in your pantry when you need it. Use 2 tablespoons of all purpose flour as an alternative to 1 tablespoon of cornstarch.

With these baking substitutes, you’ll never be caught off guard again when you’re making your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe!

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Why use a Bosch Mixer to Make Bread?

Friday, August 24, 2018

Owning a great stand mixer for your bread making experiments is key to having positive outcomes when it comes to making bread. Otherwise, without a mixer for your bread dough, you may be in for more complications than any food blog would ever admit.

Cut Down On The Mess With A Stand Mixer

Keep Bread Light And Fluffy

A major problem many home bakers run into when it comes to yeast-based loaves of bread is the density. When hand kneading, it is much more possible to over-knead your bread dough. However, it can be hard to make sure the entire dough is evenly kneaded when working bread dough by hand. Many people have a tendency to over-knead their yeast-based bread doughs.

Yeast creates air pockets in bread, giving the bread the light and fluffy texture that we all look for when baking bread from scratch. But when yeast-based bread dough is over-kneaded, those air pockets break down. It can result in overly dense bread. Dense bread doesn’t bake well and dense bread doesn’t typically taste as good either. The Bosch stand mixer is so great at incorporating all the ingredients and evenly kneading bread dough that many bakers have found their dough no longer requires a second rise.

Bosch Mixers Blend Ingredients Evenly

Have you ever been enjoying some fresh bread, only to bite down on a clump of unmixed ingredients such as a patch of baking powder? If you haven’t yet, trust us, it isn’t a pleasant taste.  Instead of mixing your bread dough ingredients with whatever is handy, a Bosch mixer will help you achieve an even blending of your bread dough. The Bosch stand mixer eliminates the human error out of the mixing equation and ensures that you don’t have any under-mixed surprises.

Cut Down On Kneading Time

While there are some bread doughs which do not need to be kneaded, many more bread doughs do require several rounds of kneading time. This can be a fairly tedious process where you have to continually sprinkle flour on your work surface so your bread dough doesn’t stick as you attempt to knead your dough.

By using a mixer, you don’t need to scrape your dough out onto your flour-covered counter and wrestle it around. Just pop on the dough hook and you can be done with kneading in a fraction of the time it would usually take you to knead by hand.


If you are ready to up your bread dough game, check out the various stand mixers available on Bosch and start making the best bread dough ever.

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What's New in the Shop!

Friday, August 17, 2018


Magimix See-Through Visions Toaster


Experience the only toaster with a viewing window that lets you watch the toasting process in action. Set the toaster to an automatic brown setting, or simply press a button to pop up your toast when it is browned just the way you like. Designed by Robot-Coupe of France, the leading name in Commercial Grade Cooking equipment.  We like it because we can split our bagels in half and put them in and toast just one side of the halves, side-by-side at the same time.  We have complete control and can override the automatic controls when we see our bread has been toasted to our perfection.  We make good bread --so now we can make good toast with it.

  • Four patented quartz tube heating elements produce crisp, uniformly browned toast.
  • Four preprogrammed heat settings include Toast, Bagel, Reheat and Defrost.
  • Extra-wide slots accommodate the thickest bagels and toast.
  • Double glass window stay cool while heating and allow you to monitor your toast at a glance
  • Windows drop down for easy cleaning
  • LED Display
  • One button function selection
  • Extra lift rises higher to safely remove small items
  • 8 pre-programmed settings
  • Extra wide slot-centers to accommodate the thickest bagels, baguettes and home made bread
  • Auto Shut off and manual stop function
  • Durable stainless-steel and plastic construction.
  • Glossy color finish.
  • Slide out crumb tray is easy to clean
  • Cord storage
  • Built to last for 30,000 uses

Snacky Dehydrator by L'Equip

Snacky Dehydrator and Yogurt Maker by L'Equip

If you are new to preserving your food by drying it, then this great little dehydrator is the perfect introduction to dried food without spending a lot.  It will make anything it's bigger models will make like beef jerky, fruit leathers, herbs, and even incubate Yogurt. The 5 trays stack and are easy to use and clean.  A single dial adjusts the temperature for fruits, veggies, meats, fish and even yogurt.  The no worry built-in fan circulates the air for consistent drying by pulling the air down the middle and blowing up the circumference of the trays to be pulled across your food by the air going down the middle.  This means everything dries evenly and you don't have to rotate the trays.  The trays have different heights to allow for large or small items to be dried at one time.  The clear walls and trays allows you to see your food to let you tell when the job is done without having to lift off the lid.  This dries everything from Apple Chips to Beef Jerky!!




  •  Compact
  • Easy to use
  • You can see your food drying
  • 5 adjustable trays
  • dries everything from jerky to apple chips
  • adjustable temp. control


Magimix Food Processor 4200 XL 


 This powerful food processor made by Robot-Coupe of France, is a quality appliance from a manufacturer known for Commercial Grade Cooking Equipment.  This is an extremely powerful but extra-quiet machine includes a number of commercial grade components and accessories for a wide variety of uses.  The new Blend mix technology turns your machine into a world class blender perfect for smoothies, soups, pancake batter and milkshakes.  The 3 Tier bowl system let you make small, medium or large size recipes like pastry dough, mayonaise, chopping nuts, or making vegetarian loaves.  It can even knead bread dough in small quantities.  The main difference between the 3 models is the size of the bowls.  This is the larger sized processor which holds up to 3 litres for larger families up to 6 in total.  If you entertain regularly, the large bowl holds plenty and means you don't end up doing multiple batches. Same impressive induction motor with the added 950 watts of power.


  • Ultra-efficient drive system with 100% torque for heavy-duty preparations requiring extra power, such as bread dough, pasta dough or brioches
  • It's compact foot print saves space on the countertop
  • The 3 BPA Free work bowls allow you to accomplish multiple tasks in succession
  • Razor-sharp stainless steel blades and stainless steel discs are strong enough for a variety of tasks including crushing ice
  • Innovative egg whisk design allow more mixing volume in the bowl
  • Extra large feeding tube eliminates the need to pre-cut most ingredients
  • 950 watt strong induction motor

 Included with this model


Main bowl - 3 Litres, Midi bowl 2.6 litres, Mini bowl 1.2 litres, recipe book, spatula, 


It can handle:


1.4 kg of pastry dough


1.5 litre of soup


1 kg. of bread dough


1 kg. of carrots


6 egg whites



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Standing Mixers Comparison Chart

Friday, August 10, 2018

 We love it when our customers take the time to give these incredible products a review.  A customers experience with our products is so valuble.  This post will feature our 3 stand mixers and what YOU have said about them.  We have our own comparison chart that will be at the end for a more formal detailed discription of the Bosch Compact MUM4 Mixer, Bosch Universal Plus Mixer MUM6N, and the Artiste Stand Mixer by L'Chef.

Bosch Universal Plus Review

 Thank you for sending the part so quickly.  I have been truly amazed with my Bosch Magic Mixer since receiving it as a wedding gift 34 years ago.  I use it to create many scrumptious things in my kitchen year after year.  I am happy to say that this is the FIRST replacement part I have ever had to buy for this Bosch machine.  WOW!  $12.00 in 34 years!  If only they made everything this well.....

Thanks again!  ~ Roxanne

 Bosch Compact Review

 I just love my new mixer. I made one loaf of bread today 50/50 and it was amazing to watch this cute little mixer making gluten. I made homemade dough enhancer. This is the first time I have made it and everything turned out better than I expected. Thank you very much. I will deal with you again. Alicia Carlsen 

 L'Chef Artiste Review

Now that I have had my Artiste mixer for a few months, I thought you might like to have some helpful feedback on this mixer- Judy Rheaume 2018


·         Very powerful

·         Mixes items very quickly and efficiently

·         It is nice and sleek looking



Bosch Compact MUM4 Mixer

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer MUM6N

Artiste Stand Mixer by L'Chef

                                                                                             400 watts
 800 watts
650 watts

 Splash ring with a feeding chute

 Splash ring with separate bowl cover

Separate bowl cover with sliding opening leaving half the bowl open

 4 Qt. Makrilon Bowl (BPA free)

with cuff around rim of bowl for easy handling.

 6.5 Qt. bowl Makrilon bowl with cuff around bowl for easy handling.

 5.5 Qt. bowl bowl with cuff around bowl for easy handling.

 1 Qt./Litre Blender (opt.)

Has An Optional 6 Cup Blender Attachment - This Blender Is Excellent & Runs Up To 13,000 RPM's

 No Blender Attachment 

 Includes, dough hook, whips and cookie whisk

 Includes Dough Hook and Wire Whips- (Cookie paddles must be purchased separately but are not required for mixing cookies)

Includes Extended Length Dough Hook and Wire Whips- (Cookie paddles must be purchased separately but are not required for mixing cookies)

 Will knead up to 6 lbs.

of bread dough (2 whole wheat loaves)

 Will knead up to  14 lbs. of bread dough (4 whole wheat loaves or 7 loaves of white bread)

 Will knead up to  10 lbs. of bread dough (3 whole wheat loaves or 5 loaves of white bread)

 Will easily mix a single batch

of cookies or cake batters etc.

 Will easily mix quadruple batches of cookies but will still whip one egg white or 1/4 cup of whipping cream

Will easily mix triple batches of cookies but will still whip one egg white or 1/4 cup of whipping cream

 1 Year warranty on motor and parts

  3 Year Motor Warranty 1 Year On Parts

 1 Year Motor No Hassle Warranty 1 Year On Parts

 Dimensions: 10.5" tall, 11.5" wide, 12" deep

 Height 11", Width 15.5", Depth 12"

Height 10.5", Width 12", Depth 12"

 Weight:7 lbs.

 Weight: 15 lbs.

Weight: 14 lbs.

Flour Power: 8 cups

  • 2 -2 lbs. of Whole Wheat Bread or 3 1 lbs. loaves of White Bread
  • 3 doz. cookies
  • 1 large cheesecake

  Flour Power: 18 Cups

  • 4- 2lb Loaves Of Whole Wheat Bread or 7 1 lb. white loaves
  • 20 Dozen Cookies
  • 8 Pounds Of Mashed Potatoes

Flour Power: 12 Cups

  • 3- 2lb Loaves Of Whole Wheat Bread or 5 1 lb. white loaves
  • 12 Dozen Cookies
  • 5 Pounds Of Mashed Potatoes

Multifunctional arm with special gearing

and 3 drive positions for optimum power

No overhead arm. 2 drive positions for attachments

No overhead arm. 1 drive position for attachments

Multi-motion-drive that insures precise kneading

and mixing.  Tools insert on an angle.

  Dough hook and whips are direct drive through the base of the bowl with a steel shaft the connects to the transmission

 Dough hook and whips are direct drive through the base of the bowl with a steel shaft the connects to the transmission

 Four controlled speeds plus a position speed which you hold so the unit will position itself so the dough hook doesn't hit the bowl when you lift the arm. 

 Four controlled speeds plus a momentary switch for pulse operation.

Six controlled speeds plus a momentary switch for pulse operation.

 Overheat protection - Electronic safety shut-off

 Built in circuit breaker protects the powerful 800 watt motor

Built in circuit breaker protects the powerful 650 watt motor

 Nylon drive for Slicer/Shredder connection

 Steel drives for Slicer/Shredder and bowl connection

Steel drives for Slicer/Shredder and bowl connection

 Electronic speed control

 Electronic speed control

 Electronic speed control

 Rubber suction feet for extra stability

 Rubber suction feet for extra stability

Rubber suction feet for extra stability

Bosch Compact Available Optional Attachments

  • blender
  • Slicer/shredder
  • food processor
  • citrus juicer
  • stainless steel bowl


Bosch Universal Plus Optional Attachments:

  • Fruit & Berry Press
  • Food Processor
  • Blender
  • Ice Cream Maker
  • Cookie paddles
  • Food/Meat Grinder
  • Stainless Steel Larger capacity bowl
  • Citrus Juicer
  • Grain Mill
  • Pasta Maker
  • Pastry Press
  • Noodle Attachment
  • Flaker Mill
  • Sausage Stuffer
  • Slicer Shredder
  • Large Slicer/Shredder
  • Grating Attachment
  • Bowl Scraper
  • Flour Sifter

Artiste Optional Attachments:

  • Cookie paddles
  • Small Food/Meat Grinder
  • Citrus Juicer
  • Grain Mill
  • Pasta Roller
  • Flaker Mill
  • Slicer Shredder
  • Large Slicer/Shredder
  • Bowl Scraper
  • Flour Sifter
  • Ice Cream

 We would love to hear more from our customers!  Please comment below or send us an email at with your experience baking with your standing mixer from us. 


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