Family Grain Mill Food Processor Attachment

Family Grain Mill Food Processor Attachment


Family Grain Mill Slicer/Shredder Component

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This is a great attachment that truly is easy to use and easy to clean!  Saves time is preparing  potato casserole and main dishes, grinding and grating, cheese, ground nuts and fruits. Great to use for dehydrating foods in uniform slices.  

Quality: Manufactured  in Germany by the Messerschmidt company, the Family Grain Mill Slicer Shredder is built with premium  Lexan with three stainless steel drums.

Easy to set up and fast Cleanup: Each drum slips in and out for fast slice, grating and julienne..  Dishwasher safe. 
Easily snaps on the motor base or hand base or with adapter onto your Bosch machine.  Comes with stumper

The DRUMS Below comes with the above Slicer/Shredder
  #1 Universal Drum  - Finely grates hard cheese, thin string softer cheese, ground nuts,  carrots, apples 

  #2 Slicing Drum  - Slices cabbage for Cole slaw or kraut.  Even slices for Dehydrated foods.  Slices cucumber,   carrots, onions for salads and potatoes for fried chips, scalloped potatoes.

#3 Coarse Drum - Julienne vegetables for soups, cheese for tacos, salads, toppings, apples and pears.   Will grind nuts &  larger seeds, pumpkin and sunflower

Grind nuts and  Larger seeds such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds  finely and great for nut pies crusts, hard cheese, baby foods

Julienne for soups, dehydrated vegetables.
Use for mash potatoes, squash, pumpkins.  Great for souffles  

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