The Ultra Gel Answer Book --Cookbook OUT OF STOCK

The Ultra Gel Answer Book --Cookbook OUT OF STOCK




UltraGel Cookbook. On how to use UltraGel. Ultra Gel® is a "modified food starch" made from waxy maize (corn) which can be used to thicken hot or cold foods without cooking. Starches such as Ultra Gel® are used commercially in an incredible number of applications. Modified food starches make gravies, soups and sauces smooth and attractively colored (Ultra Gel® will not add color to your food; it becomes clear when added). They allow convenience foods to be refrigerated or frozen and reheated by conventional or microwave methods. They stabilize low-fat products such as salad dressings, add body to low sugar foods (such as jams), and allow artificial sweeteners to be used in a wide variety of foods. Even bakery mixes use modified food starches for moistness. Sauces made with Ultra Gel® will not set up or separate like traditional cornstarch-thickened sauces. You can truly enjoy refrigerated or frozen meals made to your family's exacting standards! And because you make it fresh, you can avoid the additives and preservatives essential to commercially prepared products. Ultra Gel® is also EASY!

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