Bamix Processor

Bamix Processor


BAMIX Larger Processor

This is the most popular attachment that we have for our Bamix blenders.  It grinds all kinds of food, such as dried vegetables, hard cheese, chocolate to stir into cake dough or to decorate your cakes, sugar to icing sugar, spices like cinnamon, vanilla, even nutmeg or chili for your Far Eastern dishes, dried mushrooms, all kinds of nuts, peanuts to peanut butter, grains and seeds.Chops all kinds of culinary herbs, boiled eggs, dried bread to breadcrumbs even fresh bread for your stuffing and much more. This can be used with all models of the Bamix

By adding the Powder disc is used in conjunction with the Bamix Wet & Dry Mill. By restricting the space between the blade and the top of the mill and by deflecting the ingredients back towards the blade, the Powder Disc dramatically increases the efficiency of the mill and produces a very fine powder. Possible uses include producing Espresso coffee from beans, icing sugar from granulated sugar and very fine powders from dry spices and herbs. Order the powder disc here.


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