Ultra Gel Instant Thickener

Ultra Gel Instant Thickener



Now available again!

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Back by popular demand, the Ultra Gel instant thickener can be added to any liquid, hot or cold, and thicken it to the desired consistency.

Ultra Gel is an all purpose thickener for hot and cold foods, Ultra Gel Thickener is a corn based "modified food starch". Formed from waxy maize, a specific variety of corn, this thickener is a versatile alternative starch that can be used in most cooking with ease.  The Ultra Gel Thickener can be used as a substitute in many products for high fat and cholesterol eggs or high calorie sugar for the most health-conscious chef.  Our favorite use is to make our jams and preserves using 1/2 the sugar yet they thicken nicely with 1 Tbsp. of the thickener into each cup of sugar used.  This package is a 1 lb. re-sealable moisture-proof bag.

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