American Harvest Large Food Dehydrator

American Harvest Large Food Dehydrator


Garden Master Pro Food Dehydrator by Nesco/American Harvest

The World's Finest Food Dehydrator. Made from the finest food grade materials. These quality dehydrators are special ordered by Bosch Kitchen Centers from American Harvest/Nesco who make the best food driers we have used.  They come complete with all the fruit leather and mesh trays and Cookbook, so you don't need to purchase any extras.  The trays are opaque which keeps out all light during the drying process to assure peak freshness and more complete nutrient retention. The round design and patented center air flow allow each tray to respond as an individual unit making it possible to dry a variety of foods at the same time with no flavor mixing between trays. In fact, this highly unique air flow system allows you to stack the Garden Master up to 30 trays high, allowing you to dry all types of fruits, vegetables, pastas, potpourri, and beef jerky at the same time.  You can also take away extra trays when you they are not needed and use it with only one tray. 

American Harvest/Nesco's biggest, most powerful dehydrator! Comes with 8 trays, each 1 sq. foot, expandable to 30 trays for huge 30 square feet of food drying area! Combination of large, quiet, five-inch fan, 2400 rpm motor and 1000 watt heater lets you dry food gently in hours instead of days. Temperature is adjustable between 95° and 150° F. Air pressure adjusts automatically to number of trays used. With so much expandability, the American Harvest is the most popular of our food dehydrator models among people who use their dehydrators a lot.  BPA FREE

 Measures 15.25" dia. x 14.5" high (with 8 trays.)

Large capacity professional model includes;

  • 8 trays

  • 8 mesh screens

  • 8 Fruit Leather Sheets

  • How to Dry Foods Cookbook

    1 Year Warranty



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