Ultimate 5 in 1 Auto Safety Can Opener

Ultimate 5 in 1 Auto Safety Can Opener


Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Can Opener - Red

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This opener does it all! Our multi-functioning opener is perfect for those everyday kitchen tasks. Its sleek and clever design makes opening cans of any kind, bottles, and more clean, safe, and fun!

  • Automatically attaches itself to cans.
  • No sharp edges.
  • Open items with little effort.
  • Opens everything cans, bottles, pop and pull tops and more.
  • Hygienic opener never touches the contents of the can.

 Instructions for use:

  1. Place on top of the can with two half circles lined up with can rim.
  2. Twist knob clockwise. Opener will automatically grip lid and begin to cut. After a full circle, you will feel less resistance. Stop can is open.
  3. Turn knob counter-clockwise to release.
  4. Use the mini-pliers' push button to lift lid cleanly and easily!
  5. Church key: the classic bottle opener.
  6. Screw top: place "eye" over plastic top and twist counterclockwise to open screw tops.
  7. Ring-pull: Slip "beak" into loop; rock back and pull open to open pull tabs.
  8. Soda tabs: slide end of opener under tab and lift upwards to open.

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