NutriMill Plus Grain Mill - OUT OF STOCK

NutriMill Plus Grain Mill - OUT OF STOCK



ON SALE NOW $355.00 (REG. $449.99)

The wait is over!  After 10 years of development and testing, we are proud to introduce the new 2nd Generation NutriMill Plus Grain and Flour mill.   The NutriMill Plus boasts 11 new patented improvements. It is 15% quieter than the Classic mill and has 20% more capacity.  The Plus mill is uniquely designed to nest compactly inside its flour canister for a 30% smaller storage footprint than the Classic mill. With its patented 4-stage filtration system and included flour bagger accessory, milling at home is clean and convenient.  Like the Classic NutriMill, the Plus is self-cleaning,  yet it will hold 24 cups of flour at one time, perfect for milling in bulk.  The new two speed motor allows a wider range of texture control and the patented Stainless Steel Pre-Cracker heads ensures the best quality of flour produced.

          Locking Flour Tube                 Soft Start                  Upgraded Design


Fast and Easy to use:  You just pour the grain into the top hopper and turn it on.  The 2-speed 1200-watt motor will quickly produce flour from fine to coarse texture.  The milling mechanism is self-cleaning and with the new 4 stage filtering system is it virtually dust-free. 

Versatile: The NutriMill plus will grind any grain or legume including both hard and soft wheat, rye, millet, oat groats (or grain), spelt, kamut, quinoa, amaranth, corn (even pop-corn), buckwheat, barley, split peas, chick peas, soybeans, mung beans, teff, and sorghum. The NutriMill Plus is not suitable to grind spices, herbs, oily seeds like flax, or fibrous materials.  Grain and beans that have already been milled or rolled (like rolled oats) cannot be milled again in any impact mill, like the NutriMill Plus.  This is a flour mill that will make very fine flour but the coarsest flour it will make would not be suitable for cereals like cream of wheat.  Our NutriMill Plus is a wonderful Flour Mill for making a wide range of flour and meal textures.

Protects Nutrients:  The NutriMill Plus mills at a very low temperature ( typically about 118 degrees F.) so that the nutrients are protected in your grains.  This new airflow design makes this mill the coolest-running high-impact mill on the market.

Compact Storage:  A twist of the red ring and the hopper collapses over the mill which has been placed inside the canister, for easy storage.

Superior GrainMaster Milling Head: Stainless Steel micro-impact heads are designed for advanced strength and performance.

Improved Whisper Mill Technology: reengineered muffling for a quieter milling experience.

Four Stage Filtration System :  Patent-pending airflow design for cleaner milling.



  • High-speed milling
  • Easy to use
  • Full range of flour texture
  • No dust in the air
  • New 20% larger hopper
  • Integrated flour bin
  • Now 15% quieter
  • Self-cleaning
  • 30% smaller storage footprint
  • Dimensions for using 18"x10.5" x 15"
  • Storage Dimensions 9.5"x 10.5 x 12"
  • Weight 13 lb.
  • BPA Free
  • 2 speeds
  • 1200 watts
  • Lifetime warranty on Motor and grinding / 7 year on parts

The NutriMill Plus out-performs the leading competitor in every way

We milled 3 cups of wheat at the finest and coarsest settings on both mills then sifted them with fine and coarse sieves.  The Nutrimill Plus produced 2x the coarse and more than 4x the pastry flour when compared to the competitor/s flour

Check out our Comparison Video below between the Nutrimill Plus and the Wondermill

This package comes with Nutrimill Plus with Canister, bagger ring, 5 flour bags, Home Made Matters Cookbook ($4)

Flour Bagger:  The NutriMill Plus includes 5 convenient flour bags that will clip onto the bottom of the canister, for milling a full bag (24 cups) of flour to store or give away.  They have thought of everything!


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