Universal Double Boiler Insert

Universal Double Boiler Insert


 Universal Double Boiler by Nordicware

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Make any cookware into a double boiler by adding this handy insert into any saucepan with water in the bottom.  Great for melting chocolate, making delicate sauces or making choux pastry plus much more.   The nonstick interior easily releases foods and cleans easily. Handle features a hole for easy hanging on a pot rack. Fits most 1 to 3 Litre 


8-cup capacity designed for pots and pans ranging from 2 - 4 quarts (6 - 9 inches diameter)

Features a series of concentric grooves that fit directly into your pot or pan

  • Aluminum construction with nonstick interior; rust proof

For gentle heating of sauces & cheese, melting chocolate or caramel and delicate desserts

Made in USA, 5-year warranty

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