Bosch Universal Plus with New Pasta Roller OUT OF STOCK

Bosch Universal Plus with New Pasta Roller OUT OF STOCK



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Buy a Bosch Universal Plus and get our brand new roller-style pasta maker at this great savings price.  Make your own fresh pasta with this great pricing for the new style roller pasta maker with cutting die (fettuccine) and the adapter leg. The Bosch Universal Plus includes the bowl, splash ring, dough hook, and whips plus the free new dough hook extender for smaller batches of dough.


The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer has more power than ever: The new 500 watt motor in the new Bosch Universal Plus is stronger than any previous models. This motor out-performs the strongest "PROFESSIONAL" motors in any of our competitor's machines.

The Universal Plus has a Stronger Transmission: The transmission is what converts the power of the motor into the work that the machine can do. Many of our competitor's machines with overhead arms that raise and lower into the bowls, have transmissions that are definitely inferior to both the design and quality of the Bosch Universal Plus, especially when used under stress, such as a large batch of cookie dough or more than one loaf of heavy bread dough. The spur gears in these other transmissions, break under load and customers have told us that even their brand new units have failed, and cannot handle the quantities that a Bosch Kitchen Mixer can. This makes a significant difference in the longevity of your motors and transmissions. The transmission in the Bosch Universal Plus is a new sealed oil transmission that handles these heavier loads and will outlast the competitors.
The Bosch Mixer is More Efficient: Torque is transmitted directly up the middle of the Bosch Universal Plus bowl making it the most efficient mixer on the market. Even at a low speed, a Bosch machine can deliver superior torque as the power is not squandered on gears that drive the system. This is why many of the other larger mixers on the market do not really have much gas when you need it.
The Complete Kitchen Centre: This Bosch Mixer is a TOTAL KITCHEN CENTRE. It can take the place of most of the other appliances in the kitchen, by just adding a different attachment. Doesn't it make more sense to have one appliance with a great motor that can do all your kitchen jobs? You could replace your blender, food processor, food grinder etc. with a range of available attachments for the Bosch Universal Plus mixer---one motor instead of 8 different machines.
Included with this package: Motor, bowl, splash ring, clear lid, dough hook and whips with drive, roller style Pasta Attachment, and Free Dough Hook Extender. 

We have received notice from Bosch Germany that UL "Underwriters Laboratory" has changed the way they rate motors being sold in the U.S. market. As a result, the motor used in the Bosch Universal Plus mixer has been evaluated and re-rated from 800 Watts to 500 Watts. Please note, there has not been any actual change to the motor itself, it is the same powerful Boschmotor that has been used for years and years inside the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. The only change that has occurred is the rating issued by UL



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