Cookini Re-Usable Oven Gard Protector

Cookini Re-Usable Oven Gard Protector


Cookini Gard Re-Usable Oven Protector

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Enjoy using your oven without any messy cleanup from spills or bubble-overs!  The Cookina Gard oven protector is either placed on the bottom rack of your oven (ovens with no visible elements ) or under your visible elements in your electric oven and catches all the spills.  Just remove and wash it and put it back in your oven to use again and again.  Withstands temperature up to 550 degrees F.  

100% Non-stick oven liner!
Alternative to aluminum foil
Catches spills and splatters!
Suitable for gas ovens, electric ovens and microwaves

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