Bosch Universal Vacuum Blender

Bosch Universal Vacuum Blender


Bosch Universal Vacuum Blender

The future of blending is here!  By removing most of the air from your blended recipes prior to blending you reduce the froth or foaming that air adds to your finished product.  This vacuum blender massively reduces the inherent problem of oxidation that occurs in blended ingredients from traditional blenders.  The vacuum pump that is included, removes the air from the jug before you start, so the blades can no longer whip up lots of tiny air bubbles into the mixture, which means better flavour, more vibrant colour, longer shelf life, and better retention of nutritional values.  By the way, to vent it when you want to open it, you depress the red valve in the middle of the lid and that lets the air out so you can take the lid off. 

How it works:

The design of this vacuum blender is actually not very different from a traditional blender. The additional component is a vacuum pump that connects to an airtight blending container. The pump sucks air out of the blending container, so that it can blend in a low-oxygen environment.

Smoothies with a longer shelf life: 

Smoothies done in a vacuum blender will keep their colour and fresh flavour in the refrigerator for longer, so you can enjoy your smoothie long after you have made it. 

Less Separation:

Vacuum blenders generally emulsify ingredients better, and you notice less separation of your ingredients.  No more thick pieces floating at the top!


Blended apple yields the most dramatic visual difference we have seen in vacuum blending. Initially it looks the same, but over the course of a few minutes the non-vacuum blend turns completely brown but the vacuum blend juice stays the same colour as it was when initially made.


The s/s blade system is removable for cleaning and contains 2 steel ball bearings inside for long-lasting usability.  The Clear BPA free container holds 1.3 litres and has a locking air-tight lid for greater air removal. 

This unit will fit on all Bosch Universal and Universal Plus models.

Included: Blender blades, 1.3 L. ( 4 cups) blender bowl, blender lid, vacuum pump.



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