Artiste Meat Grinder with Sausage Stuffer

Artiste Meat Grinder with Sausage Stuffer


NutriMill Artiste Meat Grinder with New Wide Adapter Leg and Sausage Stuffer

This meat grinder will let you make your own salsa, or relish or even just grind your own fresh hamburger.   It attaches easily to the Artistes drive with the adapter leg (different from the one in the picture) and will let you grind a variety of meats, veggies, or what ever you need to grind.  Grind your own beef or chicken for fresh meatloaf, burritos, and hamburgers. Easily make your own favorite sausage with the included sausage stuffer. The included adapter leg can also be used with the new pasta roller and cutter attachments.  We use the meat grinder for our Cheese Log at Christmas or to make Sugar Plums with raisins, dates and prunes.

This Meat Grinder has a little smaller diameter size but comes complete 2 dies 4 mm for a regular ground beef (relish etc.) grind and the 8 mm.

  • Meat Grinder
  • 4mm Disc
  • 8mm Disc
  • 4-Bladed Knife
  • Sausage Stuffer

1 year warranty.

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