Artiste Over-the-Bowl Slicer/Shredder

Artiste Over-the-Bowl Slicer/Shredder



ON SALE NOW $104.00 (reg. $139.99)

If you ever want to grate or slice a lot of food at once but found the regular 8 cup capacity of the regular Slicer/Shredder too small, then this is the attachment you need.  It is designed to fit over the regular Artiste bowls that have the tabs for the splash ring on the inside of the bowl and grate or slice the food into the bowl so you double the size of the quantity you can process at one time. ( now 12 cups or 5.5 qt.) .  It is easy to assemble and clean with durable parts that will continue to work for years.  The 3 stainless blades sit on a cam that fits over the shaft of your bowl and the splash ring/lid assembly attaches to the splash ring tabs.  It is designed to fit both 4 and 3 tab bowls.  It comes with the thick and thin slice reversible blade, the fine and coarse reversible grate blade, and the very fine potato shredding blade, however there are 3 other blades that can be purchased separately that can be added to this unit including the French fry or dice bladethe julienne blade and the coarse rasping blade that shaves ice or any other really hard food like chocolate.

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