Family Grain Mill Cereal and Flour Attachment - Direct Fit OUT OF STOCK

Family Grain Mill Cereal and Flour Attachment - Direct Fit OUT OF STOCK


Family Grain Mill Cereal and Flour Mill Attachment for Bosch Universal or Universal Plus Mixer - Direct Fit

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The Family Grain Mill Flour Mill Attachment (formally Messerschmidt grain mill) will connect easily on to your Bosch Universal or Universal Plus mixer and mill all kinds of flours  to use to make your bread or any baked goods.  This unit only attaches to a Bosch Universal or Universal Plus Mixer and will not fit on the Hand drive.  It is what we call direct fit.

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Mills a Variety of Grains-  The Family Grain Mill  will grind any whole grains into coarse cracked grains or steel-cracked cereal, to medium cornmeal textured flour, to fine flour for breads or cakes.  The grinding cone is infinitely adjustable.  The milling heads grind a wide variety of grains and seeds including wheat, oats, corn (not popcorn), soybeans, rye, rice, barley, spelt, flax, buckwheat, millet coffee, kamut, quinoa, and sesame seeds.  This mill will also grind different spices like coriander, pepper-corns, and some chopped, dry, non-oily herbs and spices.  Nutrients are also preserved as the FGM grinds cool.

Grinds Quickly and Easily -  It takes about one and a half minutes when attached to the Bosch Universal Plus,  to mill one cup of wheat and will make about one and half cups of nice fine flour.   We have tested this mill against other hand mills that we sell and this one definitely makes the finest grind of the flour.  The large capacity hopper will hold 5 cups of grain. 

Quality German Construction - Manufactured in Germany, the Family Grain mills use the finest quality materials in their construction.  We first brought them directly into Canada in 1988 and the units we sold then are still in use.  Built from durable high-carbon steel and high quality polycarbonate that withstand years of use, they will last you a life-time. 

Easy to Clean - All the components of the FGM mills come apart quickly and will clean up easily.  Most times we just use a pastry brush to brush away the excess flour and then wipe clean with a dry cloth.  Even the milling heads can be taken apart in a few seconds to clean as well.  An extra bonus for this system is that it is dust free.

Preserves Nutrients : Similar to a pepper grinder, the milling head has cone-shaped carbon steel burrs that crush the grain without creating high heat that comes from friction-type mills.  Heat is an enemy to the nutrients in your flour, and destroys the vitamins and minerals we want our fresh ground flour to have.  Stone mills can add grit and glaze over with grains that have extra oil in them, but the durable steel burrs in this system will not have either of these problems and will produce years of service.  The Steel burrs are also easy to replace if needed.  

What Does it Mill? - Basically the FGM grinds any grain and some seeds such as flax and sesame.  We can make wheat flour, corn meal flour, oat flour, rye flour, barley flour, rice flour, spelt flour, flax flour, buckwheat flour, millet flour, coffee, kamut flour, sesame, and more.  The mill will also crack grains to an infinite variety of sizes from "Cream of wheat" texture down to rice-size particles.

Grinds Quietly- The Family Grain Mill Cereal and Flour Mill is a very quite mill and you hardly notice it is working.

Grinds Herbs and Spices in Small Quantities-   Click for more Family Grain Mill info

Warranty - FGM manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty on manufacturers defects only (excluding replaceable burrs)



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