Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream Junket

Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream Junket


Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream Junket - Single pack

Make homemade ice cream quickly and easily. Simply add the Junket packet, milk, and cream to the ice cream maker attachment to make delicious homemade ice cream. With Junket all-natural ice cream mix you get smooth and creamy or rich and decadent flavours with no artificial colours or preservatives. You can also add your own touch of nuts, candy, or toppings for unique flavouring to your taste.

How to Use

  • 1 package of Junket Ice Cream Mix 
  • 1-1/4 cups of whole milk
  • 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
  • ice
  • ice cream salt or rock salt (1/2-1 cup)

Combine contents of one Junket Ice Cream Mix with milk and cream. Stir until dissolved. Pour the mixture into the Bosch Ice Cream Maker attachment. Place the ice cream maker into the Bosch Universal Plus mixer bowl. Put the lid along with the churning stick onto the ice cream maker. Fill the space between bowls with ice and salt. Churn on speed 2-3 for 20 minutes.  Serve soft-serve style or freeze for several hours. 

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