Family Grain Mill Flaker Mill Hand Operated OUT OF STOCK

Family Grain Mill Flaker Mill Hand Operated OUT OF STOCK




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Make your own fresh, tasty, and nutritious rolled flake cereals with the Family Grain Mill Flaker (formerly Messerschmidt Flaker) Component.  Many of our customers use it to make oatmeal or oat flakes from oat groats (which is the grain without the husk), but many other softer grains can also be flaked.  The end result it not real thin like the commercial cereal flakes but thicker, and much chewier with a great fresh taste and all the nutrition but no preservatives.  We carry Oat Groats at the time of our Wholesale Food and Grain order but you can also get them from many health food stores or a natural food cooperative

Wheat flakes can also be made but softened the kernels or wheat berries by adding a Tablespoon of water to one cup of grain and letting it sit overnight in a sealed container.  Make certain to clean your flaker after doing moist grain by opening it and drying out the knurled rollers, because this would cause corrosion if left un-cleaned.

This oat flaker mill is easy to twist on or off the hand crank (and many of our customers order both).  Nothing can be easier to use.  Just pour the oat groats in the large hopper and turn on to speed one.  The flakes will drop into a any container placed beneath it.  The German design and quality that is built into this unit will give your years or great service.

The hand base is solid wood with a steel handle and will clamp on to any flat surface edge that is at least 1 inch thick.

Easy to Clean:  All the components of the FGM Flaker attachment will come apart quickly and will clean up easily.  Most times we just use a pastry brush to brush away the excess flour and then wipe clean with a dry cloth.  Even the milling heads can be taken apart in a few seconds to clean as well.  An extra bonus for this system is that it is dust free.

Warranty:FGM Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty on manufacturers defects only (excluding replaceable burrs)

Comes with Flaker attachment and Hand Drive Component


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