Bosch Universal Plus Stainless Steel Bowl

Bosch Universal Plus Stainless Steel Bowl


 BOSCH Universal Plus Stainless Steel Bowl - MUZ6ER2

ON SALE NOW reg.  $295.00

Bosch has introduced a lock- on stainless bowl that will fit the whips and dough hook from the white bowl that you already own.   It also includes splash ring and center cover as shown.  This one is designed for the Universal Plus Mixers only so it will lock onto the machine.  Stainless bowls are ideal for making things that need to be cold like whipping cream and pastry.  The middle column is removable for cleaning and the shaft unlocks and comes out for easy cleaning as well.  Stainless Bowls do not have the cuff around the outside for handling as the white bowls do.

Click here to see a comparison video for the two Bosch Universal Plus Stainless Bowls



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