L'Equip XL Juicer

L'Equip XL Juicer


The XL Juicer by L'Equip

ON SALE NOW FOR $159.99  (reg. $179.99)

 The L'EquiP Model XL Juicer is a big mouth juicer designed with convenience in mind. With a huge 3 inch feed tube, you can even juice apples without slicing. Automatic pulp ejection means no stopping to clean out the pulp basket. The 480 watt motor provides the extra power needed when the juicing gets tough. These juicers use a rugged induction-type motor.  Induction motors are preferred in some applications because they do not use carbon brushes and the speed of the motor can be controlled with electronics.  L'Equip offers this juicer for about 1/2 the price of almost identical juicers that are popular on the market. Despite its compact design, the L'Equip model 215 features a heavy duty universal motor, providing the most power and highest efficiency of any other juicer in its class.
The L'Equip Model 215 features a patented pulp ejection system. This eliminates clogging problems by popping the pulp upward and dropping it through the rear into a separate container. No longer will you have to stop and start to empty the pulp receptacle.


    • Powerful Efficiency
    • Patented Ejection System
    • Affordable
      The L'Equip XL Model 215 offers professional juicing at a most affordable price.
      The L'Equip XL Model 215 carries a 10 year manufacturer guarantee and is one of the easiest juicers on the market to clean.  3 year warranty on the one piece juice basket and blade


  • Continuous Juicing
  • 480 Watts
  • 11,000 RPMS
  • Extremely high yield
  • 15" high
  • Manufacturer Guarantee, 10 year warranty
  • User-Friendly Ease
  • UL/CUL approved


  •  The best price/performance ratio on the market
  • A perfect start to your day - fresh juice every morning
  • Fresh juice is packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
  • The best, easiest way to supply nutrition that kids enjoy.
  • A delicious and easy way to be healthy.

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