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Our Favourite Bosch Universal Plus Attachments Friday, February 16, 2018

Our Favourite Bosch Universal Plus Attachements

The Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine is one of the most versatile kitchen machines on the market.  We thought you would like to hear which attachment are our staff’s favourites!  There are up to 13 different attachments that can be added to a Universal Plus to change it in to a different function.  Our staff have narrowed down there favourites and here they are.  

Carol's Favourite: Bosch Slicer Shredder (MUZ6TS5)

I like it because I like to dice veggies with the french fry blade for carrots, onions, celery, parsnips, potatoes.  This is perfect for stews and soups.  It does the job making Japanese Coleslaw one of my favourite salads.  

This attachment comes with 3 blades. The French fry blade, thick and thin slicing and thick and thin grating.  The Bosch quality steel is what makes all the difference for me.   

 Julianne's Favourite: Food Processor (MUZ6MM3)


 The food processor is one of the most popular large accessories for the Bosch Universal Mixer.  I feed a large family and we love our guacamole and salsa for Tuesday taco night. The traditional knife blade in the bottom of the bowl for mixing and chopping makes it so easy.  The bowl holds 5 cups and that is all we need (can’t get enough guac!).  This attachment also comes with 3 blades, a thick and thin slicer, thick and thin grater and a very fine grater.  I love knowing that with the Bosch quality steel these any vegetable, cheese or meat will be processed with ease. 

Another recipe that the processor makes easy is biscuit or pastry dough.  I find the knife blade cutting the dough is a great technique to blends and mix the dough.

Pam's Favourite: Pasta Roller Set (MUZ6PR2)

No pasta can compare to fresh pasta!  We only use Semolina flour for the best results.  The Durham grain finely ground to make fresh semolina flour we found to give the best results.  My favourite pasta noodle to make is lasagna style noodles.  We make sure to keep any scraps and use for chicken noodle soup.   

The pasta set comes with all chrome 3 rollers, angel hair (spaghetti) cutter, fettuccini cutter, and flat roller for lasagna and ravioli. 

At the Bosch Kitchen Centre we love our Bosch mixer and all the many functions it offers to make our lives easier!  What is your favourite attachment?  We would love to hear from you, and if you have any questions about the attachments you have we are here to help.

posted by Carol or Pam Stiles at 5:26 am

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