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Adventures in Baking Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Baking Adventures!

We think it's time for some of our new customers to be a little braver and try some newbread baking recipes with your Bosch machines. Here is a great way to make Homemade Crescent Rolls that are light and yummy and will be a big family hit. You can make it with half whole wheat flour as well. Here is the recipe!  Click here for Crescent Roll Recipe

So for our next adventure into bread making, let's try a great crusty french bread that you can also make with half whole wheat. We call it French Bread made Easy. Here is the recipe.  Click here for French Bread Recipe


Whole Wheat Pizzas are easy to make with the Bosch using the dough hook with the newDough Hook Extender that picks up every bit of dough. Here is an easy Whole Wheat Pizza recipe to make. Click here for Whole Wheat Pizza Dough recipe

Now let’s get real adventurous and make some Whole Wheat Pitas. These are easy to make and exciting to watch rise and bake in the oven for only 5 min. and they are great with any filling. Click here for Pita Bread recipe.


 Finally to end off our Bread Baking 101, how about trying to make some bagels? Basically we boil the dough first and then bake them. They are really easy to make and fun to add differenttopping like poppy seeds or even cheese.   Click here for our Easy to make Bagel Recipe.

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