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Sweet Garlic Friday, April 6, 2018

Sweet Garlic

Chef’s Tip:

Always buy the freshest garlic you can find; the fresher it is, the sweeter it will be. The best garlic has firm tissue-like skin and should not be bruised, sprouted, soft or shriveled.  If you find cloves that have green shoots, discard the shoots – they will only add bitterness.

Todd English

One ingredient that is used on a daily basis here is garlic!  A common style of serving garlic with strong and powerful flavour is with a raw miced clove.  The more the garlic is chopped in its raw state the more scent, flavour and essential oils are released in the air.  Salsa, guacamole, herb and garlic butter are examples of when this style is typically used.

For a sweeter flavour of garlic it will need to be cooked slower and longer.  A slow roasted head of garlic with a few drops of olive oil is the way to this flavour.  The softening of the cloves make it easy to extract from the skin.  The gently caramelized garlic will bring wonderful flavour to any dish.  Cutting the top off a garlic head and placing it in a crock pot with olive oil is an easy appetizer to enjoy on your favourite style of bread.

Another way to cook a clove of garlic for the mild sweeter taste is boiling it.  When boiling the garlic with a pot of potatoes that will be mashed adds a subtle complexity to the dish.  At the end of this post is a Julia Child recipe of Braised Garlic Simmered in Cream.   It is perfect to add to potatoes, pasta sauce, or simply to enjoy on its own. 

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Julia Child Braised Garlic Cloves Simmered in Cream

Ready: 25 min Yield: 1 batch


1 head garlic (with large cloves)

2 Tbsp butter

½ cup heavy cream

1 pinch salt

1 pinch fresh ground white pepper


1.    Separate the garlic cloves from the head.

2.    Take a smallish saucepan and heat to boiling about a cup of water; add the cloves of garlic and simmer for about 1 minute- drain, peel the garlic (which should be soft and should peel easily) and set aside.

3.    Melt the butter in the saucepan; add back in the peeled garlic and sauté over low for 10 to 15 minutes, until they're a creamy yellow color and are very tender.

4.    Add the cream to the saucepan, as well as the salt and a bit of freshly ground white pepper, and simmer over low for 5 to 10 minutes until garlic is "meltingly tender".

5.    Notes: These can be used in many recipes, such as mashed potatoes, in a creamy pasta sauce, over sautéed spinach, or just snack on them all by themselves!

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