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Weather and Baking Friday, May 25, 2018


Weather and Baking Bread

Can the weather affect your baking?

Yes!  At A Spicy Perspective website they posted 100 Best Baking Tips and Tricks.   Here is there #10.

10)  Weather. Standard “room temperature” is right around 70 degrees F. If you bake when it’s really hot outside or bitter cold, and the outside temperature is affecting the inside temperature, your results will be different. If the humidity is higher or lower than normal, your results will be different. That’s why our grandmas use to tell us never to bake on a rainy day. The heavy moisture in the air effects the ability of the dough/batter to rise and dry.

We get a lot of calls about bread making at our office because our customers love there homemade bread.  We receive interesting reactions with we ask “What’s the weather like when you baking?”  Not realizing that this could be a relevant question we continue to explain.  The pressure, humidity or elevation above sea level are important factors that cause variable reactions to the dough.   With spring always being so undecided about letting the sun shine or not, this is what we have learned over the years.  Low pressure days with rain and cloud your bread with need more flour in the recipe.  The sunny days with high pressure, less flour is needed for a successful loaf.

This is our rule of thumb and hope this helps improve your baking experience!

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