MagiMix Food Processor 5200 (16 Cup) Chrome

MagiMix Food Processor 5200 (16 Cup) Chrome


Magimix Food Processor 5200 Satin Chrome Special- 16 cup by Robot-Coupe


This powerful food processor made by Robot-Coupe of France, is a quality appliance from a manufacturer known for Commercial Grade Cooking Equipment.  This is an extremely powerful but extra-quiet machine that includes a number of commercial-grade components and accessories for a wide variety of uses.  The new Blend mix technology turns your machine into a world-class blender perfect for smoothies, soups, pancake batter and milkshakes.  The 3 Tier bowl system let you make small, medium or large size recipes like pastry dough, mayonnaise, chopping nuts, or making vegetarian loaves.  It can even knead bread dough in small quantities.  The main difference between the 3 models is the size of the bowls.  This is the larger sized processor which holds up to 16 cups for larger families up to 8 plus in total.  If you entertain regularly, the large bowl holds plenty and means you don't end up doing multiple batches. Same impressive induction motor with the added 1100 watts of power.

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  • Ultra-efficient drive system with 100% torque for heavy-duty preparations requiring extra power, such as bread dough, pasta dough or brioches
  • It's compact footprint saves space on the countertop
  • The 3 BPA Free work bowls allow you to accomplish multiple tasks in succession
  • Razor-sharp stainless steel blades and stainless steel discs are strong enough for a variety of tasks including crushing ice
  • Innovative egg whisk design allow more mixing volume in the bowl
  • Extra large feeding tube eliminates the need to pre-cut most ingredients
  • 950 watt strong induction motor

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Included with this model

Main bowl - 16 cup , Midi bowl 12 cup, Mini bowl 6 cup, recipe book, spatula, 

It can handle:

 3.8 lb. of pastry dough

2 l.  of soup

2.9 lb. of bread dough

3.1 lb. of carrots

3.1 lb. meat

Standard Accessories Included
food processor magimix
enables the slicing and shredding of whole or large pieces of fruit & vegetables.
food processor magimix
ideal for slicing and grating all types of preparation (fruits, vegetables, cheese).
food processor magimix
for chopping, crushing, blending, mixing... Stainless steel Sabatier knife blade.
food processor magimix
for heavy pasta dough, bread dough, brioche and pastry.
food processor magimix
2 mm and 4 mm: fine or thick slicing. Stainless steel Sabatier disc.
food processor magimix
exciting ideas from starters to desserts.
food processor magimix
ideal for chopping herbs, onions, small quantities, making salad dressings.
food processor magimix
for mincing, mixing, chopping, kneading, grating, slicing, emulsifying...
food processor magimix
a finer and improved blend for velout soups, smoothies and pancake batters.
food processor magimix
whisking egg whites and creams for desserts (mousse, meringue...).
food processor magimix
2 mm and 4 mm: fine or thick grating. Stainless steel Sabatier disc.
food processor magimix

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