What Can You Make with a Spiralizer Attachment or Spiral Maker?


Spiralizing apples is a fun way to avoid meticulously chopping up apples for your pies and tarts. Try this apple crumble that uses curly apple noodles to bring on the fall flavors!


Beets can give your fall dishes a pop of color! You can eat them raw or cooked. To spiralize beets, peel and slice ends off flatly and evenly.They’re great for salads, like this Mandarin Balsamic Vinaigrette Raw Beet Salad.

Butternut squash

The solid core of butternut squash makes it perfect for spiralizing. America’s Test Kitchen describes squash as having a “pasta-like texture with pleasant chew, and hold their shape nicely once cooked. They are quite easy to spiralize, and they work as short noodles or longer, spaghetti-like strands.” Create swirls of squash which you can cook or roast, to make a side dish like in this recipe.


Spiralizing cabbage adds a mesmerizing detail to otherwise boring shredded cabbage salads. You can also throw cabbage curls in stews and soups. The small spirals soak up liquid well and reduce nicely.


Carrots, have a sturdy texture that makes them perfect for spiralizing. You can utilize them as noodles or as a base for a side dish where their flavor can shine. Try this recipe for carrot spaghetti to add a nutritious twist to a basic meal.

Sweet potatoes

Use this fall staple in a wider variety of dishes this season by spiralizing it! Sweet potatoes can be peeled and sliced to create spirals you can use in noodle dishes, salads, bakes and even waffles.

Spiralizing fruits and vegetables is a great way to sneak a little extra nutrition into your diet. Have fun experimenting with different fall spiralizer recipes using your Magimix Spiral Expert Food Processor attachment and leave your favorites in the comments!

The Spiral Expert attachment for the Magimix Food Processor makes it easy to create various types of spirals. The attachment set includes three cones that allow you to make spaghetti, tagliatelle and fusilli shaped spirals

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