Bosch Universal Batter Whisks

Bosch Universal Batter Whisks


Bosch Universal and Universal Plus Batter Whisks


  • muffins and quick bread
  • pie crust
  • cake batters so we don't over-develop the gluten in the flour
  • mashing potatoes
  • whip hot cooked chicken or well-cooked pork to make shredded meat


 These are wonderful for thick batters and light dough. I like them especially for making pastry when I jog the machine on the spring-loaded switch to lightly mix the pastry dough and cut in the shortening and the liquid. These are the best choice to make cakes since they have less wire they do not develop the gluten in the flour of your cakes as the french whips might do. Always mix cakes at the lowest speed on your Bosch Universal or Universal Plus.

Sold as a set of 2.

Some things we like to do with our Cookie/Batter Whips are: light cookie dough, pastry, mixing powders (flour etc.) 


Tip: We would recommend using the wire whips and batter or cookie whisks for pourable batters, creaming butter, and sugar for cookies but when adding flour or heavier ingredients like oats, switch them for the dough hook. We cannot get a warranty on the bent batter or french whips so jog your machine a few times before turning it on to cream the butter and sugar. The batter whisks (DB2's) are a bit stronger than the wire whips for "heavier pourable" batters. For the cookie dough, the best choice is the new Cookie Paddles. See our cookie dough demo here. For the best whipping action in lighter foods like whipping cream or fluffy frosting, the original DB3 wire whip is certainly the best tool.

May be an image of text that says 'BOSCH Mixing Accessories QUICK GUIDE PLASTIC WHIP DRIVE METAL WHIP DRIVE BOWL SCRAPER ASHER UPPER SAFE DOUGH HOOK Hand wash WIRE WHIPS SPEED USE FOR Kneading .Heavy Dough Large Batches. Thick Cookle Dough 2-3 2-3 2-3 CAKE PADDLES Whipping Cream 3 Meringue 3 Thin Pourable Batters ...... 1-2 COOKIE PADDLES* Cake Batters.. Quick Breads .Thin Thick Pourable Batters. 2 2 1-2 Use room temperature ingredients. (No cold butter) Switch the cookie paddles for the dough hook before adding chocolate chips, nuts, or other hard items. Frostings Cookle Dough Creaming Butter. 1-2 2 2-3'


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