Tips For Using Your Bosch Whips / Cookie Whisks/ Cookie Paddles

The Right Tool in the BOSCH Universal Mixer:

Wire Whips

– (MUZ6DB3)   



Batter Whisks

Wire whips and batter whisks for the BOSCH Universal Kitchen Machine (MUM6… series) are designed for whipping and mixing pourable liquids, soft liquids, and light cake batters.

– (MUZ6DB2)


attempt to whip solid butter, stiff dough, partially cooked potatoes, or anything with those types of consistency. The Bosch motor is so strong, it will bend the whip wires if the resistance is too stiff.

Cookie Paddles

The recently introduced cookie paddles work wonderfully well for all but the stiffest cookie dough. These are strong and easy to clean.


– (MUZ6CP1) Dough Hook should be used for all stiff stirring, including cookies with raisins, nuts, oatmeal, etc. Some bakers will use the cookie paddles, then switch to the dough hook when adding the ingredients that make the dough stiff.

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