BOSCH Universal Cookie Paddles and Metal Whip Drive

BOSCH Universal Cookie Paddles and Metal Whip Drive


Bosch Universal Plus Cookie Paddles With Metal Drive - Set of 2

  • Bosch Cookie Paddles are made out of heavy-duty Delrin material. Ideal for heavy batters and non-yeast dough like cookies and candy-making. 1 yr. warranty.  Use only on metal whip drive. If you already own a metal drive then order this set.  If you have a Universal Plus machine with the White plastic drive we recommend you order the paddles and metal whip drive combo # MUZ6CP2
    Set of 2

Some things we like to do with the Bosch Cookie Paddles are:


  • make all kinds of cookie dough
  • mash potatoes
  • make rolled fondant
  • make puff pastry
  • mix meatloaf and sausage meat
  • mix pet foods


Great New Bosch Mixer Accessory: Bosch recommends using the wire whips and batter whisks for pourable batters. Heavier cookie batters can be mixed with your Universal dough hook, but now you have the ideal option: The new Bosch cookie paddle! These snap onto your Universal mixer's whip drive in place of your whips and like the other Bosch attachments, they carry a 1 year guarantee against breakage. They're made of an extremely tough thermoplastic called Delrin. This is a great new accessory for your Bosch mixer.  We recommend them highly.  If you have a Universal Plus machine with the plastic whip drive (white), we recommend that you order the cookie paddles with the metal whip drive #MUZ6CP2.  (Please note that these paddles cannot be used with the "Turbo Whip Drive" on the Bosch Solitaire mixer model.)


Cookie Paddle Demonstration is as at the end of this video

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