Better Body Organic Agave (say Ah-GAH-vay) is a wonderful natural sweetener that will help you achieve your health goals, whether they be weight loss, improved digestion, more energy or an enhanced immune system. Agave is a unique and premium blend of nectars derived from Agave Tequiliana (Blue Agave) and Agave Salmiana (White Agave) plants. This proprietary, premium blend provides the best tasting, best cooking, most versatile, and healthiest product on the market. Once you've tasted and cooked with Better Body Agave, we're sure you will agree that Better Body Agave is truly something special an that no other brand can compare.

Low Glycemic Index
A unique characteristic of 
Better Body Agave is its low GI ( Glycemic Index) value. The Glycemic Index is an indicator of how quickly foods convert to blood glucose in the bloodstream. With a Glycemic Index of 30-35, Better Body Agave doesn't raise your blood sugar level like high GI sweeteners do. Common sweeteners like sugar, and even honey, are high on the Glycemic Index, at approximately 90 GI. Foods that are high on the GI scale spike blood sugar levels wildly and promote weight gain because they produce instant energy  then just as quickly the energy depletes, making you hungry, tired and lethargic — so you eat more to get that energetic feeling back. With Agave, your energy level remains well balanced. In addition, Agave "satiates" you when consumed; you feel satisfied, so you eat less. 

Sweeter = 25 to 40% Less Calories! 
Better Body Agave is 1.4 times sweeter than either sugar or honey, so you use less and save calories without sacrificing sweetness in your foods. Furthermore, Agave has a number of health benefits that can't be matched by any other sweetener. Better Body Agave contains calcium and Inulin, which studies have shown is good for the bacteria in your lower intestine, promoting a healthy digestive tract. As little as 5 to 10 grams of Inulin a day boosts the immune system, promotes regularity, improves calcium absorption and increases bone density. Better Body Agave contains 7.5 grams of Inulin in three tablespoons. 

Organically Grown: 
Better Body Agave is derived from the agave plant, which takes about 7 to 8 years to mature. The plants used to make the nectar for Better Body Agave are grown under strict guidelines that meet USDA organic certification requirements. The farms and processing facility are part of a co-op of 700 farmers. Better Body Agave believes in fair trade and pays growers a fair price — nectar for Agave is never purchased in the open market. This relationship with growers enables us to offer a product of consistently superior quality.

The Agave Cookbook, Delicious Meets Nutritious, 
is the most extensive cookbook available dedicated to cooking with agave nectar. This beautiful full-color 129 page book contains everything from full meals to appetizers to desserts, sauces, salad dressings, quick breads, beverages and much more. In addition, it contains an extensive overview of the health benefits and cooking
 properties of agave. Stay-open spiral binding makes it easy to use. This is a must have, life changing cookbook for anyone who wants to lower their caloric intake and improve their health. 

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Better Body Agave is the Sweet, Satisfying and Sensible™ choice to sweeten your foods. The following outlines the key benefits of this wonderful sweetener. 

Sweeter than Sugar.
Better Body Agave is sweeter than sugar. In fact, it is 1.4 times sweeter than sugar so you use less to achieve the same level of sweetness.

Saves Calories.
Better Body Agave can be used in all of your favorite recipes. Typically, you will substitute 1/2 cup of Agave for every cup of sugar called for. Thus, Agave saves between 25 to 40% in carbohydrate calories. In addition, the inulin permits the reduction of fats in baked items which significantly reduces calories even further.

Tastes Delicious.
Better Body Agave is a great-tasting, natural sweetener. It is even being used by restaurants in beverages and sauces and is preferred over sugar. It has even been teenage-tested in Kool-Aid, Zucchini Bread and numerous other recipes without detection or rejection!

Low Glycemic Index.
Better Body Agave is a very low glycemic index food. It is approximately 30 on the glycemic index scale. Anything below 50 is considered to be in the low category, which is recommended for a healthy diet. Agave’s low glycemic index also make it diabetic friendly.

Versatile and Easy to Cook With.
Better Body Organic Agave is highly soluble in hot or cold water, making it easy to work with in the kitchen. It is a wonderful sweetener for coffee, tea and cereal. It is also an amazing sweetener for cooking, canning and baking as evidenced by the highly-rated recipes in Delicious Meets Nutritious™ for jams, cakes, breads, salad dressing, desserts, cookies and sauces.

Contains Calcium, Iron and other Vitamins and Minerals.
Better Body Organic Agave is a natural and organic certified product, derived from the root of the agave plant. The nectar is processed, in order to prevent fermentation, at temperatures that do not exceed 117? which is considered “raw” by most standards. Agave is not derived from an animal and is appropriate for a vegan diet. Due to its raw condition, Agave retains its naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and has a particularly high concentration of calcium -- 17% of daily requirements in one (1) tablespoon.


Contains Inulin, a Prebiotic Fiber.
Better Body Organic Agave contains inulin, a prebiotic fiber, that studies have shown promotes healthy function of your lower intestine. It has also been shown to promote regularity, boost the immune system, increase calcium absorption and increase bone density.

More Satisfying and Great for Dieters.
The combination of low GI and inulin make 
Better Body Organic Agave a very satisfying sweetener. Unlike sugar, honey or high fructose corn syrup, Better Body Organic Agave does not spike blood sugar levels; thereby avoiding the highs and lows of sugar and corresponding cravings and over consumption associated with roller coaster blood sugar levels.


 Cooking Qualities
Better Body Organic Agave is the Complete Sugar Replacement™ and is truly where Delicious Meets Nutritious.™ Better Body Organic Agave tastes great, is very versatile, and is easy to use in the kitchen. Agave can be used for cooking, canning and baking or as a table top sweetener for cereal, coffee or tea. In order to use Agave, it is best to understand its cooking qualities.

Please keep the following in mind.

Highly Soluble.

Better Body Organic Agave mixes well in anything whether hot or cold. In fact, it dissolves into water, coffee, tea or any mix better than sugar and does not leave any residual on the bottom. As a result, you can minimize the sweetness level and add more later. For example, when making cranberry sauce, you can use less Agave and add more to taste after the sauce has been cooked.

Use Lower Temperatures.
Better Body Organic Agave sweetened baked goods should be cooked at lower temperature. Most baked items are baked at 350?. As a general rule, you should reduce the heat by 25? to 325? and cook for approximately the same amount of time.

Promotes Rise.
Better Body Organic Agave is great for whole grain cooking as it promotes rise. You will find that baked goods are lighter, fluffier and moisture when cooked with Agave over sugar or honey. We recommend grinding you own flour and have recommended a number of white flour options in the cookbook, Delicious Meets Nutritious.

Acts as a Natural Preservative.
Better Body Organic Agave is a natural preservative because of its hygroscopic effect. Baked goods will taste fresher longer and generally taste better on the second day.

Reduce Liquid Volumes.
Better Body Organic Agave is a liquid and sugar is a dry ingredient in recipes. I have found that you do not need to make adjustments unless you want to. You can add a little flour or reduce the other liquids in a recipe. We have found that you can reduce oils and save even more calories without sacrificing taste and texture. Remember that inulin is used in commercial baking to enhance the flavor and texture of low fat and low sugar baked items. A perfect example of this is a Zucchini Bread Recipe in Delicious Meets Nutritious. We reduced the oil from 1 cup to 1/2 cup and saved 1000 calories in addition to the 500 calories already saved by using Agave instead of sugar. If you choose to reduce the liquids, and it is a choice, reduce the fats and oils.

Storage and Shelf Life.
Better Body Organic Agave has a naturally long shelf life and will last up to 18 months after it is opened. It does not require refrigeration or any special care. So go ahead and keep it on your counter top for ready access!



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