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We have found that our Canadian Customers are really interested in the best nutrition for their families. Milling your own flour from our great wheat and other grains grown here in Canada make both nutritional and economical sense. We were most impressed with the Family Grain Mill System made in Germany. This high quality dual drive system, is adaptable to any kitchen and lifestyle. The dual drive system offers the choice of both hand or motorized use.   These versatile FGM components can also be attached to your Bosch Universal or Bosch Compact or Kitchen Aid mixers that you can order separately. In today''s ‘Green climate", the FGM System gives you the environmentally friendly option you are looking for . 

Proven a best seller because of its simple, rugged, functional design, its reliability, and ease of use.  Proven in hundreds of homes!

  • Modular Components: Here at, we sell either the individual components or money saving packages of the Family Grain Mill System components will interchange between the electric mixer motors like the Bosch Mixers or the hand drive.  The easy-to-use twist on locking system makes them easy to connect to either unit.  There is also an optional adapter that will let you add the modules to a Bosch Universal or Bosch Compact mixer, or Kitchen Aid Mixer


  • Mills a Variety of Grains:  The Family Grain Mill will grind coarse cracked grains or steel-cracked cereal, to medium cornmeal textured flour, to fine flour for breads or cakes.  The grinding cone is infinitely adjustable.  The milling heads grind a wide variety of grains and seeds including wheat, oats, corn (not popcorn), soybeans, rye, rice, barley, spelt, flax, buckwheat, millet coffee, kamut, quinoa, and sesame seeds.  The FGM will also grind different spices like coriander, pepper-corns, and some chopped, dry, non-oily herbs and spices.  Nutrients are also preserved as the FGM grinds cool.

  • Multi-Purpose Functions: The Family Grain Mill system components are listed below in the table. They include the Vegetable Processor which comes with 3 stainless drums which will grate cheese and nuts, slice and shred vegetables and fruit like carrots or apples.   Soft grains like oats can be rolled with The Flaker Mill which makes fabulous, fresh tasting oatmeal.  This homemade cereal is made from the oat groat which has the hulls removed and easily rolls into a thicker flake has better taste and a chewier texture than store-bought.  See an inside picture and more information on the Oat Flaker Mill attachment here. The Food & Meat Grinder is available with a several sizes of discs.

  • Quality German Construction: The Family Grain Mill System is manufactured in Germany by Messerschmidt.  We first brought them in directly in 1988 and because of the great quality that is built in the design, those first units we sold are still in use.  The Family Grain Mill is built with durable high carbon steel and a high quality polycarbonate that withstands years of use.  These units will last a life-time.

  • Grinds Quickly and Easily: It takes about 2 minutes to mill one cup of flour when using the hand mill or about one and a half minutes if using the Bosch motors on either the Compact or the Universal models.  One cup of wheat will make about one and half cups of nice fine flour.  The hand base is easily to turn compared to other hand operated grain mills and usually requires a lot less time to produce a nice fine flour.  We have tested this mill against other hand mills that we sell and this one definitely makes the finest grind of the flour.  The large capacity hopper will hold 5 cups of grain.  

  • Easy to Clean:  All the components of the Family Grain Mill come apart quickly and will clean up easily.  Most times we just use a pastry brush to brush away the excess flour and then wipe clean with a dry cloth.  Even the milling heads can be taken apart in a few seconds to clean as well.  An extra bonus for the FGM system is that it is dust free.

  • Grinds Herbs & Spices in Small Quantities:  Click for more Family Grain Mill info

  • Preserves Nutrients: Similar to a pepper grinder, the milling head has cone-shaped carbon steel burrs that crush the grain without creating high heat that comes from friction-type mills.  Heat is an enemy to the nutrients in your flour, and destroys the vitamins and minerals we want our fresh ground flour to have.  Stone mills can add grit and glaze over with grains that have extra oil in them, but the durable steel burrs in the FGM system will not have either of these problems and will produce years of service.  The Steel burrs are also easy to replace if needed.   SEE PICTURES BELOW

  • Grinds Quietly: The Family Grain Mill is a very quiet mill and you hardly notice it is working.

  • Stores and Sets-up Easily: The Family Grain Mill hand base  is easy to use.  The Hand base has a solid wood base which clamps securely onto a counter-top or flat surface like a table edge with leaving marks.   The FGM components all store in a compact space because they come apart. 

  • What Does it Mill?: Basically the Family Grain Mill grinds any grain and some seeds such as flax and sesame.  We can make wheat flour, corn meal flour, oat flour, rye flour, barley flour, rice flour, spelt flour, flax flour, buckwheat flour, millet flour, coffee, kamut flour, sesame, and more.  The mill will also crack grains to an infinite variety of sizes from "Cream of wheat" texture down to rice-size particles.

  • Warranty: Family Grain Mill Limited Lifetime Warranty on Manufacturing Defects Only. (excluding replaceable burrs)

 Quick Compare Guide:

The Family Grain Mill is much easier to turn than most hand operated grain mills. It will not grind as fast as an impact chamber mill such as the NutriMill Classic or NutriMill Plus Grain Mill or quite as fine of a flour though still fine enough for bread, but is much more versatile, as you can grind anywhere from cracking grains to flour with the turn of a knob. Oily grains/nuts such as peanuts and sesame will not hurt the Family Grain mill, as they will on an impact chamber mill such as the NutriMill Classic. The Family Grain Mill will grind approx. 1 cup in 2 minutes w/ motor, and slightly less by hand. Though the FGM will not grind as fine as some of the impact chamber mills, this is much more versatile, and the easiest to operate hand mill we have ever tried.

Click here for more information on Electric Grain or Flour Mills vs. Manual Grain or Flour Mills

We can also add a Meat Grinder Attachment and a Salad Shooter by Family Grain Mill to run on the hand drive or your Kitchen Mixer.


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