Swiss Diamond vs. Other Non-Stick Pans  

See for yourself how Swiss Diamond stacks up against the competition.

  Swiss Diamond Nano
Titanium Reinforced
Premium Non-Stick (Not
State-of-the-art non-stick Yes (next-generation technology) Yes No
Reinforced with diamond crystals Yes No No
Denser, smoother nano-composite surface Yes No (2- or 3-layer system) No
Superior heat distribution with no hot spots (wmºk) 1600º 200º N/A
Won’t peel, chip, or warp Yes No No
Oven safe Up to 500ºF Yes No
Metal utensil safe Yes Yes No
Easy-clean convenience Yes Yes Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes Yes No
Fat-free cooking at all temperatures Yes (all settings) Yes (at low or medium only) Yes (at low or medium only)
Visible color changes when making sauce or deglazing Yes No No
Can burn oils, butter, or foods No Yes Yes

Handcrafted in Switzerland, Swiss Diamond is simply the best cooking surface you’ll ever cook on.

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