What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Grain Mill or Flour Mill

Manual Flour Mill vs. Electric Flour Mill

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There are many things to consider before making your final selection when purchasing a grain mill. A list of questions I would consider are as follows:
1. Do I want a manual or electric grain mill?

·         If I want a manual grain mill, do I really have time to hand grind all the time?

·         If I want an electric flour mill, do I want to have the option to hand grind when needed?

2. What will I be using the flour from my flour mill for? (It's important to know this, as the grind consistency produced by many grain mills is not fine enough or course enough for some applications.)

3. Is a noisy flour mill going to bother me? (Some flour mills are very loud, particularly impact chamber mills

4. Will flour dust from my grain mill be an issue?

5. What is my price range?

One of the most popular electric grain mills are the NutriMill Classic.  And we now have the new NutriMill Plus Grain and Flour Mill and the NutriMill Harvest Stone mill for flour on demand. For manual flour mills, the Family Grain Mill and Victorio Hand Grain Mill are two of the most popular. I will list each one with it's high points, and low points to help you select which flour mill will work best for your application.

Electric Grain Mills

NutriMill Classic Grain Mill

The NutriMill Classic Wheat Grinder is the premium of the electric grain mills. Priced at $289.99 Canadian, this flour mill can grind very fine flour and also has a little more adjustability than the Wondermill Grain Mill (older Whispermill) or the Blendtec Wheat Grinder on the course side, as the NutriMill can grind as course as a corn meal consistency. Quieter than other mills like the Magic Mills on noise level. This flour mill will grind pretty much all non-oily grains, and has no manual option, though the manufacturer has considered making one. It is just not available yet. This Grain mill has a 20 cup capacity, stainless steel grinding blades and a self cleaning milling chamber.

The NutriMill Plus Grain and Flour Mill is our newest and highest tech flour and grain mill.  It will mill the finest flour of any of the mills we have or have ever had.  It's two speed motor lets you select fine or coarse grind and then the texture dial gives you more range of textures in each of the speeds.  The NutriMill Plus Grain and Flour Mill makes 24 cups of flour in a matter of a few minutes, with no cleaning necessary and then will collapse down into an 8" diameter footprint to fit in most cupboards.

The NutriMill Harvest Stone Mill will let you make flour on demand.  It is beautiful to look at with its Bamboo housing and custom coloured trim so it will enhance any kitchen decor and could be left out on the counter for daily use.  It is the only one of our electric mills that will let you dial from cracked grains for cereal down to fine flour for cakes and cookies.  The NutriMill Harvest Stone Mill can mill any non-oily grains that the other models can do and at the same fast speed.  The corundum stones are easy to clean with just a brushing and the whole mill heads are easily accessed with a turn of the hopper.  

Manual Grain Mills

The Family Grain Mill is German made and of high quality. This manual grain mill's advantages lie in it's ease to use. The FGM is the easiest to turn grain mill we have ever tried. Some manual grain mills are so hard to turn that you feel like you need to be a muscle builder to use them. The FGM is so easy to use that even a 7 or 8 year old child could do it. The output is 1 cup per 2-3 minutes of fast grinding, but is done with a lot less effort. The FGM also has a huge advantage in price. Another advantage to this grain mill is that it is modular, so VERY easy to motorize by adding it to your Bosch Universal. You have the option of buying a hand crank base, grain mill attachment, and flaker mill attachment. These attachments will fit onto the Bosch Bread Mixer with an adapter, which will save you a ton of money if you already have a Bosch Mixer. Very versatile, as you can see. The FGM does not grind as finely as our electric mills , but on the finest setting, the flour is still acceptable for bread making. Not recommended for pastry flour. Perfect for the person who wants to grind flour easily by hand, but wants an easy way to motorize the unit, or the flexibility to add other attachments. 

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