L'Equip RPM Smart Blender

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Introducing our favorite NEW kitchen helper, the RPM Smart Blend by L'Equip.  This high powered blender will make preparing your meals and snacks quick and easy as it  will pulverize everything--making wonderful smoothies with no ice crystals, mill flour or making cereal from your own grains, or even making and heating soups.  

L'Equip's RPM Smart Blend NEW custom built brush less,  1400 watt, DC motor is what makes the difference.  It has more power, runs cooker and will out last any of its competitors  With the built-in wireless Blue Tooth connectivity, your blender can evolve with the latest innovations and advancements.

High-powered blenders are wonderful but they can be noisy!  L'Equip's new Smart blender features advanced sound dampening technology that makes it one of the quietest high powered blenders on the market!

Even under heavy and variable loads, the constant-speed technology this blender has, keeps the RPM's blades spinning at the speed you select for precise control.  The Smart Blend features 5 pre-set programs (Smoothies  Sauces, Ice Cream, Hot Drinks and Juice) as well manual controls to either select one of 12 speeds and an adjustable timer or just pulse it for a quick mix, all with a gentle touch.  We like the way it lights up with the easy to read LCD Display touch panel when it is in use.

With 6 strategically designed stainless steel knives, which never need sharpening,  you can blend everything you wish to, including ice cubes to make snow, or as you see in the video above even Avocado pits.  

Busy parents will also appreciate the Child Lock and the Magnetic Safety Jar Sensor which provides a safe operating experience for you and your family.  The 70 oz. BPA Free Tritan Container is square in design for added stability. 

Click here to see our video comparing the Smart Blender to a Vitamix Blender

Features : 

  • Advanced noise dampening
  • Large 70 oz. container
  • Program cycle options
  • Twelve speeds
  • Powerful, load-adjusting motor
  • 1400 watt DC Motor
  • Bluetooth enabled w/Smart App
  • Parental Lock and Safety Carafe Sensor
  • Detachable 45" power cord
  • Six stainless steel blades
  • Safety sensor lid
  • LCD display
  • Dimensions 8" W x 8" D x 19.5" H
  • Weight - 12 lb.

Watch me make a Great Smoothie and a Sorbet in the  RPM Smart Blender

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