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Would you likecanada bamix making soup, bamix hand held blender canada to buy a great Hand Held or Stick blender... for less... and enjoy personal service too? At Healthy Kitchens, here in Canada,we offer the finest immersion blender that we know, the Bamix, at great prices, and provide the best personal service both before and after your purchase. We appreciate your visit today and hope you enjoy your time browsing or shopping at our online store. Please call or e-mail if you have questions or if we can assist you in any way. We like to help and we'd love to hear from you! 

 Although they can't totally replace full-size blenders, hand blenders like the Bamix (also called stick or immersion blenders) are handy for pureeing soups or frothing milk in the pot. The best reviews of hand blenders compare performance by whipping cream soups, pureeing tomatoes for marinara sauce or blending smoothies.

Stick blenders have come a long way over the years.  Now there are many varieties and qualities of stick blenders on the market and it makes it very confusing as to which one to buy.  They are a very useful kitchen tool, in fact, we might say that they are almost invaluable in the kitchen.  We carry one of the best handheld blenders here at healthykitchens, the Bamix Stick Blender from Switzerland.  We also carry a full line of the parts and accessories for the Bamix immersion blenders.  Click here for the list.  We also thought we would just give you a few tips as to what to look for when thinking about purchasing one of these handheld blenders.

What Makes a Bamix So Different?

What features should a good stick blender have?

Steel Wand NOT Plastic:  One of the first things you need to consider is what you are going to use your Stick blender for.  TheyHandheld blender doing soup come in very handy for blending hot soups as shown in the above picture.  A normal blender would require you to place the hot soup in it a bit at a time and blend it then put in in a different pot.  The Stick blender with a stainless steel wand will let you immerse it to the top of the wand and in some cases higher, letting you make a nice blended soup without removing it from the original pot. The steel wands are impervious to heat and clean up much easier than a plastic wand, but just holding under the tap for a quick rinse.

Lots of Power: Anything under 100 watts is gutless.  We use stick blenders to mash potatoes, chop nuts and carrots and even pulverize ice, so they need some serious power and speed to do tasks like this! 

Easy to Hold Handle:  The Stick blenders hands should have a nice shape so that it is both easy to hold and run with one hand.  Most of these blenders have only an ON and OFF button so it makes them easy to use single-handed.  The Bamix Handheld blender has both a low and high speed, one going 11,000 RPMs and the other 17,000 RPMs.

 l'equip  wet dry grinder, canada l'equip mini processorConvenient Accessories:  The accessory we use the most is the mini food processor to chop 1 onion or Canada  mini processor, l"equip wet dry grinder a bunch of garlic, or herbs and carrots or really anything you want to chop fine.  All the Handheld blenders we carry come with this easy-to-use item.  With the Bamix you put the whole wand on the top and the processor turns and does a great job of chopping herbs, or an onion or whatever small job you wish to do.  For the larger chopping jobs, you would use the chopping blade on the stick itself.  Bamix also has a new slicing accessory called the Bamix SliceSy which will grate cheese or slice small amounts of vegetables like cucumbers or potatoes.

Changeable Blades: Since the hand-held blenders do such a variety of tasks, they come with different interchangeable blades on the better-designed units.   The Beater Blade for aerating or whipping, the Whisk blade for beating things like muffin batter, and the Chopping blade for chopping things like nuts or breadcrumbs, and the "M" blade for chopping meat. 

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Fresh Tomato Soup Spiced Bass, and a Raspberry Smoothie 

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