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We love the design of our new Bosch Universal Plus mixers!  The new upgrades to the motor design make it even more durable for any kitchen task.  Bosch has sealed the motor bearing so leaks are prevented from getting into the motor giving it more protection for longer life.  Several motor components have been strengthened including the driveshaft where the bowl sits.  The sleek new unique shape and the more powerful motor plus many more new features make this machine worth waiting for. We were impressed with the easy way it went together as well as the smart new look and the great job it did on all the tasks we tried with it. It still makes 4 loaves of 100% whole wheat bread and will whip anything from an egg white to a gallon of icing. The bowl now has a rim around the edge, making it easy to pick up and a base that locks onto the mixer, these new features along with the suction feet under the unit itself help make it very stable when mixing/kneading small or really large quantities. The cleanup is easy as well, the inside steel shaft of the bowl can easily be removed allowing you to place the bowl in the dishwasher if desired. We are in love with the quality that Bosch puts into all its products and are impressed with how long they last. Check out our Customer Reviews to see what we mean.

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Bosch has sold this series of mixers since 1950 and its quality is renowned. They have a much higher than an average lifetime for mixers in this class and a very high customer satisfaction rating. Check out the features below:


Features:  New Improved Features included -

  • 500 watt motor with sealed transmission
  • 6 1/2 qt. bowl will handle up to 15 lbs. of dough
  • 4-speed settings momentary switch
  • Removable steel drive shaft for easy bowl cleaning
  • The whisk holder is dishwasher safe
  • Ergonomic and easy to handle rim at the top of the bowl
  • Bowl has redesigned spur gear for more strength - New
  • Heavy-duty drive shaft - New
  • Sealed Upper Bearing gives the motor more protection -New
  • Curved Splash ring which allows for extra volume
  • The dough hook is designed to replicate hand kneading-100% gluten development
  • Cord storage inside
  • Suction feet for a secure standing
  • Wide range of optional accessories (will take the same as a Universal)
  • Overload and start motor protection
  • Sealed oil transmission more than doubles the lifetime of the transmission
  • 3 year motor/transmission warranty
  • 10 Plus additional attachments you can add to change your kitchen machine into another function 

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The Bosch Universal kitchen mixers have been the choice of many of the best bakers and cooks for many years. It is a professional quality, heavy-duty kitchen machine that will perform for years to come. Now the BOSCH Universal Plus is available, the latest addition to the quality line of Bosch mixers!


 Better than Best -Bosch Invented for Life 


The new Professional Quality Bosch Universal Plus mixer: The new sleek design along with the capacity and power of the new Bosch Universal Plus, have made this a remarkable piece of equipment. The great reputation for quality that Bosch has built up over the 60 years this machine has been manufactured, has been continued in this new Universal Plus machine. Bosch has continued to further improve this model with a more powerful motor, a stronger enclosed transmission and a heavier load capacity than ever before. These enhancements will improve the durability and lifespan of the whole power train. With customers owning and using their classic Bosch machines for over 20 years, the new design will definitely extend the life expectancy of the machine. We have kneaded up to 15 lbs. of dough at one time in the old style stainless bowls, that are sold separately, making 7 two-pound loaves of whole wheat bread at one time in less than 1 1/2 hours. Now that's power!!!

Several other great new features that make the new Bosch Universal Plus so wonderful include a user-friendly new bowl design. The bowl now locks onto the base rather than sitting on it, making it balanced and attached to the motor unit. This centers the load so that even the largest batches of dough will not unbalance the machine. The bowl's rim or cuff is used as a handle to provide an easy, comfortable grip to the bowl, for easy removal of the doughs and batters being mixed. The best new feature though is the removable stainless steel drive shaft that comes up through the bottom of the bowl. It can be unlocked easily to make the clean-up much quicker. We put the drive separately in the dishwasher when we clean our bowl. Finally, a lower and a higher speed have been added for more versatility in mixing, making this the best overall kitchen machine on the market.

Bosch Kitchen Centre is priced low at Healthy Kitchens

The BoschUniversal Plus Mixer has more power than ever: The new 500 watt motor in the new Bosch Universal Plus is stronger than any previous model. This motor out-performs the strongest "PROFESSIONAL" motors in any of our competitor's machines.

The Universal Plus has a Stronger Transmission: The transmission is what converts the power of the motor into the work that the machine can do. Many of our competitor's machines with overhead arms that raise and lower into the bowls have transmissions that are definitely inferior in both design and quality to the Bosch Universal Plus, especially when used under stress, such as a large batch of cookie dough or more than one loaf of heavy bread dough. The spur gears in these other transmission, break under load and customers have told us that even their brand new units have failed, and cannot handle and quantities. This makes a significant difference in the longevity of your motors and transmissions. The transmission in the Bosch Universal Plus is a new sealed oil transmission that handles these heavier loads. and will outlast the competitors.  The new sealed upper bearing also protects the motor from outside leaks for longer motor life. 

The Bosch Mixer is More Efficient: Torque is transmitted directly up the middle of the Bosch Universal Plus bowl making it the most efficient mixer on the market. Even at a low speed, a Bosch machine can deliver a superior torque as the power is not squandered on gears that drive the system. This is why many of the other larger mixers on the market do not really have much gas when you need it.

Bosch Mixers: The World's Best Kitchen Machine and Ultimate Bread Maker

The Complete Kitchen Center: This Bosch Mixer is a TOTAL KITCHEN CENTRE. It can take the place of most of the other appliances in the kitchen, by just adding a different attachment. Doesn't it make more sense to have one appliance with a great motor that can do all your kitchen jobs? You could replace your blender, food processor, food grinder etc with a range of available attachments for the Bosch Universal Plus mixer---one motor instead of 8 different machines.

Great Gluten Development: The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer can develop the gluten in the flour, that is being used, faster and better than any other "dough maker" on the market. The unique 3 pronged stainless steel dough hook visibly stretches the gluten (protein) in your flour to give a better knead to the dough. Every turn incorporates the dough, folding it over and over giving the bread dough a total gluten development which produces higher and lighter bread. The strong steel hook can handle large quantities, kneading up to 8 lbs. of dough at one time. Most other machines are basically stirring the dough and not folding it and stretching it properly, resulting in poor gluten development and denser, heavier bread. Because the gluten is so well developed in the Bosch mixer, we can actually skip one of the usual bread risings and make our whole batch of fabulous bread in 1 hour and 15 min.

Best for Mixing: The Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine is not just a kneading machine, it is also an excellent mixer. The two dual-action whips rotate on their own axis, as well as rotate around the bowl, producing a faster more even mix to whatever is whipped. In fact, we tell our customers not to walk away from this machine whipping cream because it takes only about 1/2 the time that other machines would take doing the same task. The tubular-shaped bowl with the slightly rounded bottom, molds to the shape of the whips so as they float around the bowl they will pick up and mix as little as one egg white into 2 cups of meringue or whip 1/2 cup of whipping cream. The steel whips mount onto the whip drive which is driven by the stainless steel shaft of the mixing bowl, allowing everything to get mixed properly. Because the bowl is a wider 6 1/2 qt. bowl, you can also do quantities as large as 6 cake mixes or whip 1 1/2 liters of whipping cream at one time. Many other machines, which have deeper bowls, can only handle up to half the depth of the bowl in quantity while mixing. The Bosch Universal can out mix them all!!!

Stable and easy to use: The Bosch Universal Plus is really easy to use. With no over-head arm to get in the way, ingredients can easily be added through the wide opening in the top splash ring of the bowl. Even the sloppiest cooks can't miss!! The clear top cover can be added to the splash ring for complete coverage and no-mess whipping. The low profile and bottom drive of the Universal Plus bowl keep the unit stable and 4 powerful suction cups of the bottom of the machine keep if from "walking" even with the heaviest mixtures in it. The lock-on mixing bowl also offers safety and stability without adding extra weight to the base.

Optional Accessories: Bosch offers a wide variety of optional attachments and accessories that you can view here.

We have received notice from BoschGermany that UL "Underwriters Laboratory" has changed the way they rate motors being sold in the U.S. market. As a result, the motor used in the Bosch Universal Plus mixer has been evaluated and re-rated from 800 Watts to 500 Watts. Please note, there has not been any actual change to the motor itself, it is the same powerful Bosch motor that has been used for years and years inside the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. The only change that has occurred is the rating issued by UL


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