Whole grains have played a part in the diets of multiple civilizations for thousands of years. Depending on their region, they were grown based on the ability to be grown and harvested. Occasionally, these crossed continents to be introduced to new places where they could be cultivated, but there has never been another time in history when consumers have the choice between any type of grain they want. Today, we don’t have to rely on where we live in the world to enjoy the many healthy benefits of all the various whole grains available. Incorporating these nutritious powerhouses into our diet is as simple as driving to the local store or trying a new dish. We know far more about health benefits of whole grains than we used to. We always knew they were tasty, but it is an extra perk when part of your meal has the ability to help reduce the risk of conditions and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Health experts recommend that at least half of our daily grain intake should consist of whole grains and with the availability and newfound popularity of many of them, this is easier than ever. 

To learn more about Whole Grains and the benefits of each grain, be sure to visit our Grains Information page here, with individual grain information. For ideas on baking and cooking with whole grains, we have some wonderful recipes section with many whole grain recipes for bread, main coarses, desserts etc. here. 

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