No more hand cranking your sifter to make the light, airy flour needed for spectacular cakes and loaves.  The Boch Universal flour sifter can easily sift all flours right into your Bosch mixing bowls.  Here is how you use it!

1. Put the dust cap over the gear at the top of the column in the Bosch plastic bowl. The silicone material will stretch over the cross-pin. (one side at a time) and slip down to keep flour our of the gear and slots. 

2. The outer ring has been nicely designed with multiple slots around the edge that fit perfectly onto the slots of the bowl. It attaches the same way as the Bosch splash ring.

3. The flour hopper fits in place on the outer ring. Rotate counter-clockwise and it will drop right into place.  

4. The Fine mesh screen assembly includes the drive shaft, the screen and the brush.  Lower the assembly into the flour hopper and the drive shaft will line up perfectly with the mixer below.  The drive shaft fits over the gears and cross pins of the mixer and will drop right into place. When the machine is powered on the mixer gears will turn the brush of the flour sifter and “sweep” the flour through the fine mesh. 

FUN Fact: The fine mesh screen is magnetic, use your hand or turn the machine on for a couple of seconds until the magnets engage in the correct position. You’re now ready to add flour, just be sure your machine is in the off position.

5. Lastly we have the top cover or lid. I suggest you put the lid on, so the flour clouds are contained inside and not let loose to wreak havoc on your kitchen.   

Note: When you are done sifting remove the entire sifter including the dust cap before beginning any mixing.

Click here to order a Bosch Universal Flour sifter (It will fit all Universal and Universal Plus models)

Be careful with the fine mesh screen. Unpack and gently wash your flour sifter. Completely dry all parts before using, especially the fine mesh screen.

That is the last time that you will wash the mesh screen.

This product is not dishwasher safe.  High temperatures will soften and deform the parts.  

NEVER wash the mesh screen after the original cleaning.  Use a soft toothbrush or other soft bristle brush to gently clean and remove the flour.

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