Tips For Using Your NutriMill Classic Grain Mill

Tips & Tricks

  • The fresher the flour, the more nutritious and better tasting your bread or rolls will be.
  • Freshly ground whole wheat flour offers the most nutritional value.  Nutrients decrease rapidly after grains are milled.  Wheat flour will only retain nutritional value for 3-5 days stored at room temperature, 10 days stored in refrigerator and 3-4 weeks in freezer.
  • Of all grains, Quinoa is the most nutritious.  It is lower in carbohydrates and equal to milk in protein.
  • Popcorn contains less starch than field corn and makes a better corn bread.
  • 1 cup of grain equals about 1 ¼ cups fresh milled flour.   5 lbs of wheat berries equals about 18-22 cups of flour.

Notice on the black button behind the bowl

This little rubber button is designed to hold the bowl in place while you are milling. The bowl must be seated snugly in the base to keep a proper seal between the mill and the bowl lid.

The handle of the bowl should slip over the button when you push the bowl into place. Occasionally the bowl handle ‘sticks’ on the rubber button and prevents the bowl from seating properly.

Some users report that putting a touch of vegetable oil on the button acts as a ‘lubricant’ and allows the bowl to slip more easily into place. A half-drop of dish soap also works well.

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