Here at Healthy Kitchens-Bosch Kitchen Centre, we are always interested in health and nutrition and appliances and products that will help and enhance the nutrition of homemade foods for the average family.  We think our new NutriMill Harvest Grain Mill will allow everyone an entry way into better health for the whole family by letting you mill your own fresh-ground, pure flour on demand as you need it daily.

The NutriMill Harvest Mill is something that can be used everyday.  It is so beautiful is can actually sit out on the countertop taking up very little space.  We like the idea that it is something anyone would be proud to display on the countertop rather than hide in the pantry.  It would be one of the most beautiful appliances you would have in your home.  It performs better than any other grain mill on the market.  It is affordable for the average family to purchase and it can save enough money on your food bill as soon as you start using it,  to pay for itself eventually.  

We think that L'Chef has created a masterpiece.  This amazing Harvest Mill is made out of sustainable, eco-friendly Bamboo, which gives it a beautiful wood finish.  It has many new patented features on the inside (which is where it really counts)  These features really make a difference!   On the top, the texture control knob is easy and smooth to operate and allows you to adjust the texture of whatever you are milling from fine pastry flour to very coarse flour or even cracked cereal.  We virtually can mill any non-oily grain or legume (included gluten-free grains and legumes - see list below)  quickly and easily without creating any mess to clean up.  It will mill directly into your measuring cup or your bowl for making bread.

You can with one click turn to the left, remove the bowl or hopper and get right to the milling head to easily clean them with a pastry brush.  There is even a gluten-free insert that can be changed out when you want to mill gluten-free flour and not have any other flour mixed with it.  The Nutrimill Harvest Mill has corundum ceramic stone heads for milling the flour.  These corundum stones are next to diamonds on the hardness scale making them very durable as well as low heat absorption so the flour doesn't loose nutrition due to heat production at the time of milling.  

This durable NutriMill Harvest Stone Mill will give any family the benefit of fresh flour for many years to come.  

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Why Grind Your Own Fresh Flour?

With so many innovations and exclusive features , it's no wonder that it is BEST IN IT'S CLASS!!!


HEALTHY              DURABLE  


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  • Available in multiple colours 
  • Single Switch Operation (Mill only as much as you need)
  •  Corundum GrainmasterTM Millstones (Stone Milling Heads) 
  • Advance CushionflexTM stone suspension 
  • Renewable eco-friendly Bamboo housing 
  • SimplockTM Hopper Removal (Locking lid) 
  • Grinds all non-oily grains and legumes 
  • Patent-Pending Easy-AdjustTM Texture Control knob (Allows you to grind from pastry fine flour to cracked)
  • interchangeable insert for gluten free/non-gluten free production 
  • 450 watts with thermal protection
  •  Adjustable knob for easy fine to coarse adjustment 
  • Assembled in USA
  • Choose from five different colours
  •  5 Year Warranty 


Gluten Free Peas and Beans Gluten Free Grains All Whole Grains
-lentils -dried sweet corn -kamut
-baby lima beans -oat groats -spelt
-chick peas/garbonzo beans -white rice -triticale
-black beans -brown rice -hard wheat
-anasazi beans -teff -soft wheat
-split peas -sorghum -rye
-mung beans -buckwheat -farro
-navy beans -millet -enkorn
-pinto beans -quinoa -barley
-soybeans -amaranth -emmer

 What can I make with the NutriMill Harvest Stone Mill?

Appetizers           Bread          Soups   


  Main Dishes                   Desserts            Breakfast Foods 

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