Online Cooking Classes   

Online cooking classes include: 

    Slide-show for each class, 
    (narrated by Carol Stiles) Recipe sheets to printout 
    Links to useful products & gadgets.
    One time subscription to view all classes anytime.
     We will have 35 classes when we are finished.



    Classes Now Available
    000- Pita Breads and Bagels
    001-Cooking with the Juicers Pulp
    002-Juicier Juices
    003-French Breads and Crackers
    004-Pizzas on a Stone
    005-Calzones and Foccacia Breads
    006-Basic Bread and Cinnamon Buns
    007-Cooking Under Pressure I (Pressure Cooking)
    008-Cooking Under Pressure II 
    009-Cooking with Ancient Grains I (Kamut, Quinoa, Spelt)
    010-Cooking With Ancient Grains II
    011- Sausage Making and Pastas
    012-Bosch Attachments (slicer/Shredder and blender)
    013-Gluten Free, Breads, Pizza and Muffins
    014-Gluten Free, Mother's Mix, Coffee Cake, Mice

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