Why Is A Bosch Mixer Priceless?

No other mixer compares to the German-engineered BOSCH mixer in terms of power, capacity and durability! Let us show you how the BOSCH mixer compares to other leading stand mixers. A BOSCH kneads bread just like a pair of hands, only faster! It even comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty and a 500-watt motor. A Bosch mixer uses a belt drive and ‘shifts’ gears like cars do. This lets the machine shift up or down as needed and keeps the motor running properly for a very long time.

BOSCH Mixers can do some amazing things! Here’s just a sampling of what it can do:  whip one egg white in only two minutes, fully knead up to 15 pounds of dough in six minutes, mash 10 pounds of cooked potatoes, shred meat in seconds, make cookie dough for 408 cookies (1 1/4″ scoop), and make 6 loaves of whole wheat bread!  Click here for more information.


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