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F We believe that everyone should be able to get ALL the nutrients in the whole grains that we eat. Commercially ground whole wheat flour contains most of the bran, but the wheat germ and the wheat germ oil have been removed to prevent the flour from becoming rancid. These two ingredients contain the elements that are the life force of the grain and are essential for good health. Whole wheat flour should be ground as needed. Freshly ground flour contains all the nutrients found in the whole grain without the preservatives. Most of the commercial flour that we purchase at the stores is Enriched Flour. The answer to this problem is to mill your own flour right in your own kitchen, from the quality grains we have available in Canada.. The Nutrimill is the finest grain mill we have found that can do just that! We have chosen this mill for its performance, ease of use, and durability and our customers have continued to confirm the wonderful quality and value this mill offers. We are proud to offer the Nutrimill to our Canadian Customers to mill your own whole grain flour at home. The Nutrimill flour mill is the first high speed stoneless flour mill that has the widest range of flour textures available. It's a just a great way to make flour!

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"I might actually get a medal for taking the Nutrimill plunge, it IS an awesome tool, and to say it is a big hit around here would be understatement."


Instead of stones, the NutriMill Classic has special TruGrind™ milling heads to mill grain into flour. This type of micronizing head is widely used for producing a fine grind. The difference is that unlike all others, the NutriMill can produce a coarser grind texture such as would be desired for corn meal. Other micronizing mills can only produce fine to extra fine flour. Along with the special milling chamber, a variable drive motor lets you get the texture you want in a high speed electric mill.

Larger Capacity: Make enough flour for one batch of bread (20 cups) at one time. Fill the hopper extension with wheat and put the lid on, turn the mill on and your cannister will be full. No need to count anymore, so you won't overfill your mill.

Fast and Easy to use: No need to start the unit first, just add your grain to the hopper and turn the NutriMill on. The 12 amp , 1 3/4 hp motor will quickly produce the flour you need. The push-in cannister easily connects with the mill for dust-free operation. And cleanup is a breeze!! We run the mill a few seconds after it has finished milling the grain, to let the milling heads self clean. The air passing over these milling chamber at 200 mph. will quickly blow any flour out of the machine and into your cannister. The lock on lid and the easy to grip handles on the cannister help with its ease of operation.

Choose your flour texture! A high speed S/S impact chamber is used in the NutriMill grain mill to create flour from grains and beans. The new Cracking Chamber on the middle ofnutrimill mill head, cracking swirl the micromizers help crack the big grains like corn and soybean before the hit the inner fingers of the milling chamber which makes the grains and legumes into the finer flour. The two speed motor adjustment as well as the air-flow adjustment together have the ability to grind super fine flour (much finer than any other impact mill) and also adjust to produce the coarser flour for cereals like "cream of wheat". Its impact grain milling heads mean you'll have no stones glazing because of oily grains . NutriMill has an infinite adjustment range from fine to coarse, ten times greater than other mills! This flour mill, produces flour, quickly and easily.

No Nutrients lost: The NutriMill Classic grain mill mills the flour at a much lower temperature than commercial flour mills or even home stone flour mills. The temperature is important as the higher the heat the more loss of nutrition in your flour. The temperature of the flour in the Nutrimill Classic is typically around 118 degrees F. which will protect the nutrients in your grains. 

Mills all grains and beans: The wonderful micronizer milling heads allow the NutriMill Classic to be one of the most versatile grain mills on the market. It will grind hard grains like kamut and spelt and soft grains like soft wheat and oat groats (dehulled oats), and oily grains like corn and soybeans. The list of grains and legumes that can mill in the Nutrimill Classic includes, rye, barley, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, sorgum, corn (including popcorn) and all types of legumes like chick peas, pintos, navy beans, kidney beans, soybeans, lentils and even dried mung beans. The NutriMill Classic cannot handle oily seeds like flax, herbs and spice not sprouted grains. Also note that the NutriMill Classic is a FLOUR mill and even on the coarsest settings does not produce a cereal grind.

Quietest Mill on the Market! Advanced technology includes: Improved texture control, stronger milling heads, unique Force Flow sound/air chamber design which results in 50% noise reduction & improved motor cooling

Stores in the cupboard: The NutriMill Classic is designed to fit into any kitchen. The removable hopper lowers the height to 11.5 inches which allows for easy cupboard storage. Even on your counter the 11"x13" footprint of the NutriMill Classic takes up very little space.

Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty: This great warranty includes the Nutrimill Classic's stainless steel milling heads!
The Nutrimill Classic is made in Korea by Kitchen Resource of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Personal Service: We have sold grain mills for over 30 years and stand behind the NutriMill Classic so if you have any questions or problems we would be happy to help you.

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