L'EQUIP Flour Accessories for the Nutrimill and Bosch Universal by L'EQUIP 

We are really pleased to offer some great new accessories to our wonderful Nutrimill Grain Mill by L'Equip.  These accessores will add usability to your freshly milled flour and allow you to both store it easier and use it in many more recipes.

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Nutrimill bagger accessory, freezer bagger accessory-Now bag and store your multigrain flour in the fridge or freezer for longer-term, with the L"EQUIP Nutrimill Bagger attachment for your Nutrimill.  The bagger attaches directly to your Nutrimill (sold separately) bringing you a whole new dimension to flour storage.  You can mill directly into freezer safe bags, seal them shut and use them within 3 to 4 weeks, without loosing all the nutrition that flour kept outside the freezer would.  No fuss no mess, just mill directly into the bags and freeze.  Click here to order



  • Easy clean up
  • Protect whole grain nutrients, using "Freezer Safe" bags
  • Large capacity storage bags let you mill more grain - less often
  • Fresh bags of whole grain flour make perfect gifts
  • Includes 10 heavy duty, zip top, freezer safe bags
  • Replacement bags available

 Flour Sifter Bosch Attachment by L'EQUIP    - See online Demo

Breads are easy with the Nutrimill fresh ground flour but what if you want to do cakes and pastry with the whole wheat flour!  Until now it was nearly impossible to have ultra-fine whole grain flour. L'EQUIP's new Flour Sifter changes all that. This unit attaches to all Bosch Universal Kitchen Machines, and easily sifts the flour right into the mixing bowl.  Bosch Flour Sifter AttachmentIt is easy to use and easy to clean and makes great fine flour from your fresh whole grain flours.  Click here to order


  • Flour Dust Cap
  • Outer Ring
  • Flour Hopper
  • Fine Mesh Screen Assembly
  • Top Cover


  • 100% BPA Free
  • 8 Cup Capacity
  • 1-Year Warranty



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