Here at we carry several grain or flour mills for our Canadian customers.  Our favorite is the Nutrimill Classic by L'Equip which we have sold now since 2005 and now we have the addition of the New NutriMill Plus and the New NutriMill Harvest Stone Mill.  We also carry several hand mills or grain mill attachments for the Bosch machines, such as the Family Grain Mill. and Victorio Hand Mill.

You may be asking yourself "Which grain mill is the best"

The answer really depends on your individual needs...

If you don't need a non electric grain mill, then an impact type mill is ideal. They're very fast and they grind all of the dry grains, most beans, and some non-oily seeds, into very fine flour. If they require any adjustment, it takes literally a second or two to do. The original impact grain mills of 15-20 years ago had a high-pitched (ear splitting!) shriek, but the new impact mills have a nice, civilized sound level. The best way to describe it is to say that they sound like vacuum cleaners. If your electric vacuum doesn't offend your ears, then you'll get along wonderfully with a modern impact mill. Impact mills never glaze over like stone burr mills can, and unlike stones, the milling heads of the impact mills we carry won't break and virtually don't wear at all — if you could ever possibly wear a set out, they'd be replaced free of charge by the manufacturer.

So then... which impact grain mill? Here are some thoughts that may help you choose the grain mill that's right for you:

The NutriMill Classic is the first really new impact grain mill design in fifteen years. The NutriMill Classic combines the most popular features of earlier designs, and adds some great new features that will make your baking easier and more fun. The NutriMill's 20+ cup flour capacity is 2/3 greater than that of the Whisper Mill. It has a pre-cracking chamber, so you can add grain before turning the mill on if you wish (doing so would plug the Whisper Mill.) The NutriMill is the first impact grain mill ever made that will produce either a coarse ('meal coarse") or fine grind, and its finest setting produces finer flour than any other impact mill. Its 400% range of adjustability not only makes NutriMill Classic Flour Mill ideally suited for every kind of wheat bread, but also for perfectly textured corn breads and the lightest whole grain pastries. "Everything you'd want in the perfect grain mill" is an apt description of the NutriMill, and coming from a maker with many years of experience in grain milling, you can expect a lifetime of excellent service from the NutriMill grain mill.


The Whisper Mill: The Whisper Mill impact mill is no longer available; for more about the Whisper Mill, see below. The NutriMill from a different and very reputable manufacturer offers everything the Whisper Mill did, and more.

The NutriMill Plus Grain and Flour Mill : This brand new addition to our NutriMill Family makes it easy to store as well as use your grain mill.  The NutriMill Plus Grain mill collapses down to an 8" footprint to fit in any cupboard, yet when set up in use will mill 24 cups of fine flour in a matter of a few minutes.  The new dual speed motor lets you select fine flour for soft goods like angel food cake or coarser flour for squirrly breads or anything in between.  It is quieter than any of or impact mills and we have found through testing that we get a finer flour per cup of grain with it's advanced milling system.  Check out this video showing you all these features here.

Nutrimill Harvest Stone Mill: The NutriMill Harvest Mill is something that can be used everyday.  It is so beautiful is can actually sit out on the countertop taking up very little space.  We like the idea that it is something anyone would be proud to display on the countertop rather than hide in the pantry.  It would be one of the most beautiful appliances you would have in your home.  It performs better than any other grain mill on the market.  It is affordable for the average family to purchase and it can save enough money on your food bill as soon as you start using it,  to pay for itself eventually. 

This amazing NutriMill Harvest Stone Mill is made out of sustainable, eco-friendly Bamboo, which gives it a beautiful wood finish.  It has many new patented features on the inside (which is where it really counts)  These features really make a difference!   On the top, the texture control knob is easy and smooth to operate and allows you to adjust the texture of whatever you are milling from fine pastry flour to very coarse flour or even cracked cereal.  We virtually can mill any non-oily grain or legume (included gluten-free grains and legumes - see list below)  quickly and easily without creating any mess to clean up.  It will mill directly into your measuring cup or your bowl for making bread.   See our video using the NutriMill Harvest Mills here.

The Family Grain Mill is a quality steel burr mill that offers the choice of hand or electric operation. With the Family Grain Mill you can buy the hand base alone, or add it to your existing Bosch Kitchen Machine or Kitchen aid Mixer or both. Click here for more information on the components for the Family Grain Mill. Despite its modest price, the Family Grain Mill is a high quality tool ( unlike most hand grain mills on the market), and is very versatile, offering the ability to grind flour or coarser meal texture for cereals or to add some nice chewy grains to your bread, and with the optional components, grind meat, stuff sausages, and even process vegetables.  With the popular flaker mill attachment, the Family Grain Mill, will also flake oat groats for fresh oatmeal--and most people , when they've had fresh oatmeal, don't want to go back!  The Family grain mill will mill enough flour for one batch of bread ( 20 cups) or more at one time.  Fill the hopper with wheat and start turning the crank.  It is that simple! 

Thanks so much again for your interest and prompt service, Kerstin is now on a whole new plane of breadmaking, much faster and with less work than the usual spin-grinder approach, and with far superior flour results."

The Victorio Hand Mill - This mill is great for emergency use!  It clamps onto any counter top with a 1"overhang and will mill the flour the first time through.  The dial on the back can control the texture from coarse cracked grain to fine flour



All of these grain mills are quality machines that will provide years of enjoyable service, time savings, and healthful nutrition. If you have questions about grain mills that we haven't addressed, we would love to help you further; our toll-free phone number is just below. Thank you very much for shopping with us!

Click here for a  comparison of Manual Grain Mills vs. Electric Grain Mills

 Please note: The Bosch Kitchen Centre and  sold the Whisper Mill (now Wondermill) for years, and for years it was the best impact mill made. But after a change of ownership, service from the Whisper Mill company began to decline. We continued to offer the Whisper Mill for some time because we were able to fill the service gap for our customers, but the company's behavior finally reached such a bad state that we said "no more" and dropped the product. A short while later we got word that the company had, without warning, closed their doors. In doing so, the owners turned their backs on obligations they had to us and to many other parties. Happily, the NutriMill Classic grain mill is now available. The NutriMill Classic does everything the Whisper Mill did, and offers major advancements. First, the NutriMill company is owned by entirely different people — people who, in our experience, have displayed a high level of integrity and who have always provided good service to us and to our NutriMill Classic customers. Secondly, the NutriMill Classic can be turned on with grain already in the hopper, and can even be switched off and back on again with grain still in the milling chamber. Doing that with a Whisper Mill would plug it, often requiring the user to return it to the manufacturer for warranty repair — an option that's no longer available. Most of our Whisper Mill owners avoided these pitfalls, but it took only one lapse (possibly by an uninformed or forgetful family member or friend) to cause a real problem. The technology of the NutriMill Classic makes such troubles a thing of the past. Thirdly, the NutriMill Classic has a much wider range of texture adjustability than the Whisper Mill. No impact mill can make "cracked grain" (large coarse chunks typically used for making cooked cereals), but the NutriMill Classic can grind much coarser than the Whisper Mill (a medium meal texture) or much finer (for pastry flour)... as well as anywhere in-between. So it's ideal for making bread flour, but can also do other things. Fourth, the Whisper Mill's 12 cup flour capacity is far exceeded by the NutriMill Classic's 20 cup flour capacity. The form factor of the two mills is an apples-and-oranges comparison... the Whisper Mill's milling unit was a little smaller than the NutriMill Classic, but because its flour bin sat outside the mill, the NutriMill Classic actually occupies less space, with its larger-capacity flour bin that slides into the lower part of the mill housing. Our conclusion is that the NutriMill Classic is a big step forward in grain milling. It's fast, easy, convenient, and with its self-cleaning milling heads, all you do when you're done using it is rinse out the flour pan. It's easy to see why it's been the best-selling grain mill in the world for over three years now. The bottom line for us is the judgement of our customers: We sell a lot of NutriMill Classics and our customers are delighted with them — rarely do we receive one back from anyone who was disappointed. You can see the NutriMill Classic above and we'll be happy to answer any questions about any grain milling questions if you'd like to give us a call!

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I might actually get a medal for taking the Nutrimill plunge, it IS an awesome tool, and to say it is a big hit around here would be understatement."


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