Our customers love their Bosch machines!!!  The machines are known for their quality but also for their ablilty to keep going for years, making bread and doing all the hard jobs we encounter in our kitchens.  Here is what some customer reviews about their Bosch machines.

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After having a Phillips Kitchen Machine with all of the attachments for about 25 years, it finally started to break down.  I was devastated as they don’t make them anymore.  So before it completely packed it in, I started searching for a replacement.  2 months ago I bought a Cuisinart stand mixer-the big one with the 1,000 watt motor and supposed to be able to mix something like 14 cups of flour.  The first thing I made with it was one loaf of artisan bread.  While it was kneading the dough, my husband commented on how it almost sounded like it had a bad bearing or something.  It was loud, but not unbelievably so.  So the next day I decided to make a batch of 24 cinnamon buns.  I wanted to make sure this thing was going to be a keeper.  Well, within about 3 minutes of the kneading process, the machine over-heated and shut down.  I went on the web and searched for similar problems and when I typed “Quisinart overheating” into the search engine, then I found lots of similar complaints that I didn’t find in my initial research before buying it.  So I don’t think I just got a lemon and decided to try the Bosch instead.  My sister has one and makes bread and buns with it for a family of 5.

     I received it from Carol Stiles and Healthy Kitchens and have put it to work, to be sure that this one is not going to let me down.  I have made cinnamon buns multiple times, batches of 4 whole wheat loaves, and many other things.  You should try the Maple Apple Oatmeal Bread recipe in the Sensible Cooking cookbook!  I liked my old Phillips machine so much that I thought I would never be real happy with any replacement.  But I am very happy and it seems like a workhorse.  We have also used the grater shredder numerous times and it is powerful.  Thanks again to Bosch for a machine that I feel confident will serve me for many years to come.   Pat Randall   Saskatoon, SK

I worked my first stand mixer to death before I had used it 10 times.  Since it was under warranty we got a free replacement.  Before we were married 2 years the second mixer gave out.  Frustrating!  That's when we started researching for something that would last.  We bought a Bosch Universal Plus last fall just in time for our second wedding anniversary.  I really like it.  I always made bread by hand before but now I usually let the machine do the work (must be getting spoiled).

    With the research we did for the Bosch we started  to notice the grain mills that were also advertised. Long story short... We bought a grain mill.  My husband helps out by being a  part of the flour grinding/bread making operation.  

    We feel we made some excellent investments  and are enjoying our freshly ground 100% whole wheat bread.
Melissa Thiessen- Manitoba

These comments were sent in by our customers for the "It's Still Working Contest" held in Oct./Nov 2007

I bought my Bosch Universal with all the attachments in 1994. It has been the most amazing well made machine I have ever owned. It has made thousands of loaves of bread, hundreds of pounds of sausage. All the other attachments have been well used as well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has a busy kitchen. Thanks for all the years of dependability.David W. North Colbalt Ontario  

-My machine was bought and used by my mom.  When I immigrated to Canada 1961, she passed it onto me in 1968 and I have been using it ever since, bless her soul.  I am now 69 and look forward to making my 70th birthday cake in my old machine. It's 400 watt 220 volt and was purchased in Stuttgart, Germany; I am very happy with my machine and that it has lasted this long. I mostly use it for mixing german cakes, use the  juicer, gratter and meat grinder. Thank you Bosch. 
 Helga Vanduyvenvoorde- Courtenay, B.C.


- Growing up in the 60s, our kitchen was equipped with a Bosch machine. As an adult, I realized that Bosch was a name I could trust and purchased a Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine. Making bread with my Bosch is a delight as it eliminates laborious kneading by hand and saves time. Furthermore, my mashed potatoes and whipped cream are consistently whipped to perfection. Additionally, I save money making my own hummus, and my Bosch easily blends frozen fruit and ice to make wonderful smoothies and cocktails. I could not be without my dependable Bosch Machine!
Diana Radelfinger-Victoria B.C.


-I really enjoy my machine. baking and cooking for 7 children and now baking for 12 grandchildren I don't think I could do it without my machine. My siblings and I (there are 10 of us) always chip in and get a Bosch machine for a wedding gift for a niece or nephew.  We have 30 nieces and nephews and they are always expecting that special gift from us.
 Lillian Weimer-Saskatchewan

-The Bosch Universal was the first big ticket purchase with my first live-in boyfriend many years ago in 1991 (of all places at the Saanich Fair near Victoria, BC).  When the relationship fizzled, I knew I still had found a good thing in the Bosch so I bought out my boyfriend's share.
I knew because when I was a child at home my Mom had a Bosch (which my sister now has and continues to use!)
The Bosch remains my steadfast kitchen mate, and in addition to the continuous shredder attachment and grain mill that were part of the original investment, I have since acquired the ice cream maker and food processor attachments and upgraded the grain mill.
I use the Bosch to help me make many dishes: mixing muffin or cake batter, or a big batch of lentil walnut burgers; whizzing smoothies in the blender, hummus, or pancake batter from wheat berries (loud, but one of my favourites!); ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato in summer; grating veggies for coleslaw, and of course fabulous bread dough, to name just a few.
Carol Stiles and her husband have provided fast and friendly service over the years, the few times I have needed it.  They provide an excellent wholesale food and grain order service, and cooking classes, many of which I attended in the early years.
Lana Taves-Victoria, B.C.

-Working Like the day we bought it!  1988 Dale Kaldor-Christopher Lake Saskatchewan

-My mom gave me her Bosch last year.  She didn't use it anymore since we kids are all grown.  As a busy mom with six children, she knew it would bless me.  I took it "on trial" because I loved my KitchenAid so much I wasn't sure I'd be happy with anything different.  You have to understand, my husband and I travel every summer for work, and I've taken my KitchenAid with me, from Alaska to Florida!  I loved my KitchenAid and couldn't imagine anything being better.  But, the Bosch ran circles around my KitchenAid.  My not-very-old-KitchenAid is now collecting dust in storage and I use the 20+ y.o. Bosch almost every day.  It works great; a testimony to the superior workmanship and quality of a fantastic product.  The only problem is, my daughters are spoiled with my mixer.  We'll have to buy them each one when they leave home.  Marchauna Rodgers-Kittitas, Washington

-When my youngest son turned one, I decided to go to work parttime to earn some extra money.  At the end of the summer, I purchased my Bosch Universal Mixer and it became my source of income!  I began a Cake Baking business that still goes today!  Creating small batches to huge wedding cakes, my Bosch has hours and gallons of cake batter in it's 20 year history!  I would never have been able to create all those cakes without it!!   Aside from a 'belt-tightening' and an additional mixing bowl and whisks, there has been little maintenance.  I always think of it as money very well spent!!  Debbie Turner-Sooke, B.C.

-It is essential in my kitchen. It has kneaded so many loaves of whole wheat bread, that I could not count them! It lives on my counter for easy cookie mixing, blending & for the juicing of lemons. Occasionally, it grinds the potatoes and ham for potato dumplings, or berries for jam. Could not function without it!
Debbie Fairhurst-Vancouver, B.C.

One of the best investments that I've ever made!  Shelly Bordeleau - Black Creek, B.C.

Wnen my husband bought me my first Bosch over 20 years agao (because a friend had convinced him that I needed one), I was upset with him, thinking I had done quite well all those years kneading bread and mixing by hand!!  Well, that complaint died within the first use of this marvelous machine, and this year alone I have purchased THREE of them---one for my daughter who got married, and asked for one as the frist gift on her "wish list", and two for my new daughter-in-laws because my sons siad they HAD to have a Bosch in their kitchen!  The friends I've recommended a Bosch to, have been converts also to the durability and versatility of this wonderful machine that no kitchen should be without!  I use mine everyday and LOVE IT!!!  Thank you for making my kitchen duties so much easier.  Kathy Pullen - Kelowna B.C.

My Grandmother purchased her Bosch in the late seventies.  I inherited it in the early '90s.  I use it to make big batches of bread and cookies, and this machine is amazing.  After 30 years it still looks brand new, and performs every time.  Lynette Piccin - Merrit, B.C.

My mother in law brought this Bosch from Germany around 1975- 1978. I have no idea when it was originally bought.My father in law is an electrician and converted it to Canadian current. It was used by my mother in law almost daily to bake for family and friends. It was given to me when she passed on in 2001. I use it now to bake for our family of 6 and all of our friends. It may not be as powerful as some newer Bosch machines but my Bosch has made a whole lot of people happy in its long life. And it still works!  
Lori Heins-Fort St. John, B.C.

I absolutely love my bosch....there is no other machine like it...the power! the lightness of the machine for lifting in and out of the cupboard and the versatility for recipes is so amazing...
Cilla Smith-Paincourt, Ontario


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