L'Equip Product Brand History


The L’EQUIP  Company was founded August 19, 1999 in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania by Jamie Pascotti, formerly of Omega Juicers.  L’EQUIP was dedicated to health and well-being.  With many years of experience in health-related appliances, the company was founded with a mission to create products that functioned well, looked good and had true advantages over other appliances.  The first product was a pulp ejector juicer invented by Pascotti that operated at the lowest RPMs of any pulp ejection-type juicer in the market.   L’EQUIP became well known for its top selling health related electric juicers, dehydrators and the award-winning RPM blender.

In 2007 Kitchen Resource reached an agreement with L’EQUIP Inc.  for the transfer of all brand rights for the L’EQUIP family of products.   Along with continuing sales growth, upgrading quality of the style driven brand and adding new products to the L’EQUIP core group of health oriented appliances, Kitchen Resource set long term goals to make changes with the L’EQUIPTM brand that positively impact healthy living and the environment not only immediately but also impact future generations.   

In March of 2008 a year long “Help Us Plant a Forest” campaign was launched in an effort to maintain a healthy balance both nutritionally and environmentally.  A donation will be made to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree in one of the reforestation projects in the U.S. for every L’EQUIP product sold during this campaign

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