L'Equip Warranty Information


What does L’EQUIP’s warranty cover?

What doesn’t L’EQUIP’s warranty cover?

The L’EQUIP warranty DOES NOT cover:

• Normal wear and tear from designed use.

• Damage resulting from misuse, accident, shipping, commercial use, neglect, incidental or consequential damages, or from damage caused by any foreign objects.

• Handling, cleaning, or other incidental fees associated with shipping or repairing your product.

Implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties express or implied, other than the limited warranty described in this document, are excluded.

L’EQUIP products contain no user serviceable parts. Any attempt to repair your L’EQUIP product will void the warranty.

Who is covered by this warranty?

This warranty applies only to the original non-commercial purchaser, and is non-transferable. Since an unauthorized dealer is an original purchaser, the warranty does not apply when consumers purchase L’EQUIP products from unauthorized dealers.

What will L’EQUIP do?

Upon receiving a product, (within the stated warranty period) the Bosch Kitchen Centre will inspect it for defects. If it is determined to be defective, we will repair or replace it, at its sole option. We will replace defective products with a comparable model at our discretion. Bosch Kitchen Centre will not refund the purchase price or provide any other remedy.

How do I receive warranty service?

For all warranty related issues you MUST first contact Pam or Carol at Bosch Kitchen Centre customer service department at 1.888 735 1044, or e-mail us at carol@healthykitchens.com  We will provide authorization to complete the warranty process. (Note: If warranty work is authorized within 90 days of the purchase date, L’EQUIP may also approve and send you a pre-paid shipping tag to cover the costs of shipping the product to us.


To have warranty work completed you MUST:

• Package the product securely in appropriate packing material.

• Include a copy of your original purchase receipt. (Your warranty cannot be processed without it.)

• Include a statement, giving specific reasons for the return, your address, and contact numbers.

• Pay to have the item shipped to L’EQUIP (except as noted above).

• Ship the product to L’EQUIP’s "Warranty Department" at:

Bosch Kitchen Centre, 1875 Falcon Cres., Cowichan Bay, B.C.  V0R 1N1

Your L’EQUIP warranty also includes free return shipping for defective products, after the warranty work is completed.



L’EQUIP warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.

This warranty applies to L’EQUIP products purchased and operated in the U.S.A. its territories, and Canada. You are expected to read and follow the instructions in the accompanying owner’s manual before using this product to best ensure the proper operation and durability of this product during the warranty period.

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