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528 Dehydrator

"For jerky start at 160 degrees & half way through turn it to 140. It only goes to 154? We will change this instruction, thank you. The top temperature on the 528 is generally 154-158. So, turn it as high as it will go to start with. :-)"

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BOSCH Universal Plus 

I had ordered the Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine with the food shredder attachment and cookie paddles at your Christmas special of --- plus shipping.  It was around December 10; I live in Calgary and you shipped it out in the speediest way I could imagine.

I have to tell you, this is the finest, most incredible piece of machinery ever.  Where has this BEEN all my life??  I have made double batches of borscht, which has a recipe which literally takes 3+ hours of hand-shredding things like beets, carrots, cabbage, etc -- with your machine, after peeling and prep of the veggies (15 minutes tops), the shredding takes literally 5 minutes or less.  Massive amounts of bread are ready in no time.  Cheesecake was mixed in 3 minutes, cream was whipped in a minute.  UNBELIEVABLE!!

I've told everybody about this machine.  They're all annoyed with me now, because they have Kitchen Aid mixers that cost them a bunch of money, and they can't justify replacing them, but I know they're seriously considering it...  Angie Rodgers- Calgary 2017

I just wanted to let you know how MUCH I am enjoying my new Bosch mixer!!!! I have never had a mixer before. The ease, quickness and complete mixing it performs, no matter what recipe I use (or quantity), is such a delight!!! My husband is starting to get tired of me constantly exclaiming how much I love it, every time I use it, which is pretty much every day!
Just wanted to say "Thanks" - Kathryn Luimes- Ridgetown Ont. - 2016 

Thank you Carol. I bought my Bosch in still runs great...I love it. I had some parts replaced three years ago...splash lid, bowl, whip and all still works. It's nice to see a company that has designed a product that lasts and maintains the basic parts that one needs to maintain the system. Thank you Carol and Bosch. - Myra Egli - Yukon -2015

Mixer arrived and tested with a batch of rolls yesterday. It works great. 10 ½ cups of flour without a hesitation. I’ve used the Kitchen Aid mixer at my daughter in laws and was ready to throw it out the door when the flour went everywhere,and the motor started to drag around 6 cups of flour. You have a great product that I recommend to everyone.  - Anne, Mineville N.S-  2015

I really enjoy the Bosch machine and all it can do!  I used to have a KitchenAid but I have found that over the years I am not as strong as I use to be and that machine was too heavy for me to move around.  I like the fact that the Bosch is lighter and easily portable from one counter to the next.  I enjoy the recipes in the newsletter as well. Gratefully yours, -- Joelle Spice -Brampton Ontario, 2014

I'm loving my Bosch mixer, but really have hardly scratched the surface of what I can do with it.  I need to spend some time watching some of the videos you have on the site.  I'm trying to avoid wheat as much as possible, so am going to start experimenting with making a sourdough starter for rye bread--for which I'll be even more grateful for the mixer--but I have made some lovely, light wholewheat bread, which my husband thoroughly enjoys.  Madeleine Field B.C. 2012

Wow, what a mixer!  What a change int 30+ years.  Just love the cookie paddles.  They are the best things since "wooden spoons"  Louise Gobbee (Powell River B.C. ) 2013

"I absolutely LOVE my Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine. It's by far the best kitchen appliance purchase I've ever made. I literally use it for every meal."

The Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine is by far the most versatile kitchen appliance in existence, and they are practically indestructible! I've been using my Universal for over 6 years, and it just keeps going..and going...and going..."

"I bought a Bosch Universal plus mixer for my wife. We were making divinity candy and ruined the cookie paddles and spur gear. I was told that I should have used the dough hook, my fault. Without requiring a receipt of sale they kindly replaced both ruined parts. All I can say, thanks L'equip. You guys are friendly & handle warranties the right way. "

"My mom had a kitchenaid growing up & used it all the time. When I met my wife she told me her mom had a Bosch universal & it was far better. I didn't believe her till I saw her making 8 loaves of bread in it. I had never tried making bread in my kitchen aid so I thought I would try with a small 2 loaf recipe first...It stalled the motor."

"We heard about the Bosch Universal mixer and have been smitten with it ever since. We recommend the Bosch Universal to you if making large batches of baked goods is often on your to–do list. It will save you time, and likely money. -"

Bosch Universal Attachments

Berry Press - I thought I'd write to say I used the berry press on Wednesday.  I made cranberry applesauce and did my tomatoes with ease. I love it.  I put a touch of maple syrup in the applesauce with no other sugar. Best applesauce I've ever tasted.  The press is  extremely easy to use.  Michele Shaw - Kelowna, B.C.

Bosch Compact Mixer

I just love my new mixer. I made one loaf of bread today 50/50 and it was amazing to watch this cute little mixer making gluten. I made homemade dough enhancer. This is the first time I have made it and everything turned out better than I expected. Thank you very much. I will deal with you again. Alicia Carlsen (Grand Forks B.C.) 2012

Coffee Grinder & Seed Mill

"This is the best grinder as it is quiet and has speed. I've tested Krups to Cuisinart to Braun and this is the only one that doesn't blow your ears off in the quiet morning."

Dough Enhancer

"WOW - this product is wonderful, works exactly like it says it will, my cinnamon rolls are light and fluffy and rise much faster when I use this dough enhancer!! My bread rises faster and has a great feel to it, slices nicely also. "
FilterPro Dehydrator

"A great way to get people to eat their veggies

Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers

I received my pressure cooker  and I used it for the first time this evening.  Since my childhood I am used to pressure cooking and I recently had to dispose my good old Presto.  The new one is perfect even though I thought it was of larger dimension.  My error!  But I love it! 

 Thank you for the quick delivery and the ease of dealing with you.

 As a matter of fact, I am considering ordering from you a Pressure Frypan very (very) soon).  So don't be surprise to see another order from me in the next few days or weeks!  I am extremely satisfied by your service. 

Mini Pulp Ejection Juicer

"Rachael Ray Magazine April 2011 pg. 63 - We put 'em to the test! Juicers That Make You Want to Juice.
"This tiny tool won't cramp your counter - or - your style. At a mere 11.5 inches, it will squeeze into almost any free spot in your kitchen. Don't underestimate its size though: It works quickly, makes a hearty juice (perfect for pulp lovers), and is one of the quietest models we tried.""

"I am supremely impressed with the quality of the L'Equip juicer I purchased. I have lost weight, I feel healthier and more alive than I have since I was a little kid."

"I've had my lequip mini for 9 years, and have replaced the bowl and basket. It just keeps going, is easy to clean, and makes great juice."

"Absolutely worth the money. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Love using it."

Nutrimill Grain Mill

"The L'EQUIP Nutrimill is by far the most quiet and trouble-free electric grain mill I've ever used --and I've used a lot. And how can you beat a lifetime warranty?"

"We love our Nutrimill!! With 4 small children, it was imperative that we get a mill that can be shut off partway through milling, and it works great! It's so nice to be able to accomplish other things while the Nutrimill does its jobs, instead of having to stand there and turn the crank. Julie"

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"I have had my Nutrimill for close to 8 years and absolutely love it. In addition to the mill working wonderfully the customer service at LeQuip is great! The rubber seal on my lid had broken and my call was answered by a human and not an impersonal answering machine. Within just a few minutes of discussion the service rep had a new lid on it."

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Nutrimill Flour Bagger Accessory

I love my flour bagger. I do not even use the the other base."

"I love this product. I had a hard time removing the lid when grinding my grains. I always had to have my husband take it off and even he had problems. Using this I have no trouble. It has eliminated a lot of work." 

Universal Food Processor

"Click here to see why the Bosch Food Processor attachment won a Readers' Choice Award Best Cooking Equipment of 2011!"

Vegelene Spray

"Great alternative to Pam! Nonstick for all my bread and muffins too. No sticky residue or after taste."

"This product seems to be all the info says it is. I like it. When I became of aware of this product, I didn't consider it because of price. Then, I did the math and it comes our approx. $.05/oz. less than Pam." 

Xagave Sugar Substitute

"My husband bought this for one reason or another. He recently had a reaction after surgery to anything that had sugar or honey in it so I tried using xagave in his cookies and even baked a cake with it. They were wonderful."

XL Wide Mouth Juicer by L'Equip

"We love ours, great size for the countertop. Looks modern in black and easy to clean. I would recommend and give as gift. Nice product ok price."

"Fantastic juicer. Great power and excellent extraction. This company sets an example for others to follow - great customer service. Highly reommended."


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